Social Rebel Review: Is Social Rebel Legit or A Scam?


Is it true that you are searching for a second job? Since customer products are getting more costly, we are in general searching for ways of enhancing our pay.

Maybe you’ve caught wind of SocialRebel, and you want to find out whether this site will permit you to make additional money. It guarantees that you can get $50 after joining. In any case, what’s the trick?

We believe that is unrealistic, so we dig further. It’s vital to really take a look at this site, particularly since the Federal Trade Commission expressed they got 2.8 million misrepresentation reports in 2021.We attempted to join and perceive how it functions. We additionally inspected official sources and assembled data from free locales.

We tracked down a few warnings about this site, so don’t skirt this article. It will likewise keep you from throwing away your energy on side hustles that won’t pay.

What Is SocialRebel, And What Can You Get From It?

SocialRebel introduces itself as a get-compensated to (GPT) site that permits clients to bring in cash by noting reviews, introducing applications, and alluding individuals to the stage.

It was established by Ralph R. Lawson and Chad Evans in 2018. As per the site, the two originators plan to work on brands’ and purchasers’ associations. They bring in cash by furnishing organizations with advertising experiences in light of respondents’ solutions to the overview.

Shockingly, the SocialRebel installment verification page shows individuals getting more than $4,000. Notwithstanding, a few free locales and clients guarantee that the site is a trick.

This article will show you why it’s phony and why you ought to stay away from it.

Does SocialRebel Pay?

SocialRebel doesn’t pay. Despite the fact that its site has a committed installment confirmation and tributes page, many commentators from Trustpilot, Reddit, and free locales say something else.

It has generally one-star surveys on Trustpilot, where individuals express that the stage looks genuine, however it’s a trick. Curiously, the Trustpilot page says that SocialRebel has been shut.

SocialRebel changed its site from to It could be another strategy, so individuals will have another viewpoint in regards to the organization.

Like others, we additionally looked “Is SocialRebel genuine Reddit” to research the stage. The outcome is something similar since Reddit clients likewise guarantee that the organization doesn’t pay, even after they did various errands.

The most effective method to Earn Using SocialRebel

Clients can make a record on the SocialRebel site. You want to enter your complete name, username, email, and secret key.

We attempted to enlist and subsequent to joining, the site showed that we have $50 in our record. Seems as though an awesome deal, yet it’s a warning since we haven’t even done anything yet.

How does SocialRebel function?

As per SocialRebel, you can bring in cash in four ways: noting studies, introducing applications, posting via virtual entertainment, and alluding individuals.

Complete Surveys

This is the way individuals can supposedly acquire by noting assessments of public sentiment:

  1. Go to the Offer Center, situated on the sidebar.
  2. Look down to the Surveys segment.
  3. Select from the accessible studies.
  4. SocialRebel will divert you to another page that contains the particular guidelines.
  5. Tap “Begin Offer and Earn” to answer the poll.

At the point when we attempted the site, SocialRebel just posed three inquiries prior to offering us a $500 eBay gift voucher. In any case, this is only the initial step to asserting your prize.

Here is the rundown of primer inquiries:

  • Do you shop at eBay?
  • How frequently do you shop each week?
  • How will you manage your gift voucher, keep it or give it to a companion?

From that point onward, you want to give your name, transporting address, versatile number, birth date, and orientation.

You’ll be diverted to the real study, and subsequent to completing it, you really want to finish a few arrangements to at last get the $500 gift voucher.

This is the way much will be credited to your record, contingent upon the arrangements you achieve:

Deals required to claim reward           Reward esteem

2                                                                  $5

5                                                                  $100

10                                                                $250

15                                                                 $500


It appears to be that SocialRebel continues to add errands so clients wouldn’t guarantee their award.

Test Apps

SocialRebel claims that you can procure up to $120 by introducing applications. We attempted to get to it utilizing the site, however it says that this proposition is just accessible when you sign in from a versatile device.

A portion of the applications you can introduce and their comparing esteem:

Application                                                 Reward

Stash                                                             $120

Coin Master                                                  $120

Words with Friends 2                                   $120

Power outage Bingo                                     $120

Gather Land                                                  $120

This is the way to procure from testing applications:

  1. Go to the Offer Center, situated on the sidebar.
  2. Look down to the Apps segment.
  3. Select from the accessible applications.
  4. SocialRebel will divert you to another page which contains the particular guidelines.
  5. Tap “Begin Offer and Earn” to download the application.

As indicated by SocialRebel, your cash will be attributed to your record following 15 to 20 minutes. Nonetheless, now and then it can require as long as 12 hours.

Of all the GPT locales we surveyed, it’s just SocialRebel that offers more than $100 for a solitary errand. It’s as of now dubious that a site will give this much cash.

Post On Social Media

The site likewise asserts that you can bring in cash by posting on the accompanying web-based entertainment destinations:

Online entertainment                                 Reward

Facebook                                                       $40

Instagram                                                       $30

Snapchat                                                        $90

TikTok                                                           $90

YouTube                                                        $40

Twitter                                                           $10

You can click “Social Pay” on the sidebar to get to this deal, duplicate the inscription, then, at that point, present the post connect.

Refer Friends

As indicated by the site, you can likewise make up to $20 in addition to a 25% commission charge for each individual you allude to the site.

SocialRebel likewise says that you can procure up to $2 per click on your post.

You can click Home to see your outside reference on the site’s right side.

Step by step instructions to Cash Out On SocialRebel

You can cash out subsequent to finishing:

  • 15 ticks
  • Six offers
  • Five welcomes
  • $220 commission

SocialRebel likewise expects you to pick an installment strategy among the accompanying:

  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Venmo
  • Zelle
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Sent Check

The site will expect you to enter your installment subtleties.

In any case, since SocialRebel is a trick, real clients gave admonitions that you ought to never share your record subtleties with the organization. Along these lines, you can be safeguarded against programmers and malevolent messages.

SocialRebel Pros And Cons

The site actually has its portion of benefits and drawbacks.



Let loose marking

Doesn’t pay

No money related speculation required

Exercise in futility

What Are The Warning Signs Against SocialRebel?

Here is a gathering of the site’s warnings and why you ought to stay away from it.

  1. It erased the past to present without clarification from the site. SocialRebel doesn’t specify that it worked before as
  2. It has unreasonable cash guarantees that are unrealistic. For instance, one installment evidence shows that a client got more than $4,000 from SocialRebel.
  3. SocialRebel offers a $50 join reward, which is strange for a GPT site.
  4. Individuals who have utilized the site guarantee they can’t pull out their cash. Just the site can show confirmation of installment.

SocialRebel Alternatives

Here are genuine GPT locales you can attempt to bring in cash in fact:

  1. TimeBucks

TimeBucks is a genuine site that pays individuals to answer reviews and do different undertakings. It’s feasible to procure more than $10 utilizing this site, so it’s a preferable choice over SocialRebel, a trick stage.

You really want to gather somewhere around $10 before you can pull out your income on TimeBucks.

  1. SurveyTime

SurveyTime centers around polls and not on different undertakings. It’s a genuine GPT site that permits you to procure up to $4 each hour, contingent upon overviews’ accessibility.

Not at all like TimeBucks, SurveyTime permits moment cash out after you complete a study.

  1. YSense

ySense is like TimeBucks in light of the fact that it additionally offers different errands, like playing web based games and downloading applications. You can procure nearly $10 day to day, contingent upon the accessibility of tasks.

It has a $5.05 least payout, which is lower than TimeBucks. So if you have any desire to cash out prior, you can attempt TimeBucks.

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SocialRebel has a few admonition signs from free locales and genuine clients. The site is the main spot where we can track down confirmation of installment. Likewise, it has ridiculous cases about expected pay for individuals.

The site is a trick, and it’s ideal to keep away from it, so you can forestall undermining your data. Also, there are other genuine GPT destinations that you can attempt, as TimeBucks, SurveyTime, and ySense.