Some of the Most Innovative Tablets that you can Buy Right now

Whether you are willing to buy yourself a 360˚ laptop, a tablet or a large screen smartphone, all you want is a good display to work with ease. There is a range of tablets currently offering some of the excellent features that no other device can compete with. You can choose from a wide range of manufacturers, but two brands are surely dominating the global market, which is Apple and Samsung. Needless to mention that Samsung Tablets are affordable and offer all the great features. 

However, the Apple iPad series is well known for top-tier performance, amazing Apple’s EcoSystem and much more. It might be hard to say which one will be the best for you as it is also about your requirements. So, here is a list of top most innovative tablets that you can buy right now in the Indian market – 

  1. iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

With the fantastic display and dominating performance of the iPad Pro 2021 edition, you can do almost everything that isn’t possible without a laptop. You can edit photos, videos, play games, take notes and much more. The innovative feature of this iPad is its Lidar scanner that can come in handy for measurement or 3D holograph generation purposes. 

iPad Pro supports iPad OS 15 as it is powered by Apple’s Latest M1 computer level processor. Even though there are such powerful components in this device and such a beautiful display, you are getting 10 hours of battery backup on a full charge. All these features make the iPad Pro a highly competitive option as compared to the other models. 

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

If you are looking forward to purchasing an Android or Samsung Tablets and you don’t want to cut down on performance, then the selection of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus seems like the best choice. Why? Well, Samsung is the only brand that offers such powerful Android tablets. The tablet is powered by Snapdragon 865 Plus, and it is the latest flagship-grade processor right now.

There is a dual camera in the back to take quality photos and videos and the front camera to do video calls or whatnot. The tablet is lightweight compared to the other options, and it is packed with a 10,090 MAh battery to offer you an excellent battery backup throughout the entire day. It might not be the best tablet under 15000, but in the android market, there is no other option than this one.

  1. Lenovo Tab P11 Pro

If you don’t want high-end performance and are looking forward to getting an excellent tablet for media browsing purposes, then Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is the perfect option for an affordable price point. The Snapdragon 730G processor powers this tablet, and you are getting 6GB RAM and 128GB storage for a smooth interface purpose. 

Lenovo is using their customer OS to polish the overall interface, and you won’t notice any performance-related issues. This tablet is excellent in the price range, and you can expect nothing else than performance for sure. Lenovo is one of the leading manufacturers in the laptop industry, and its customer care centres are available in every city in India. So, you can expect excellent after-sale services also. 

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  1. iPad mini (2021)

iPad Mini 2021 edition will be available in India in upcoming weeks, and this is one of the best tablets you can buy for such an affordable price point. You will undoubtedly be spending above 50,000 rupees, but you are getting a flagship-grade processor from iPhone 13 series, 6GB RAM, a beautiful display and two storage options. 

The base storage variant is good enough for media browsing purposes if you don’t want to save files locally on the tablet. All Apple’s ecosystem related features are also available within the iPad OS. You are also getting 10 hours of battery backup, even at such a small capacity. So, this iPad is perfect for a wide range of purposes, and it is worth buying. 

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If you don’t want to compromise on performance, battery backup or anything else, Samsung Tablets will be the perfect choice in the Android category. For iOS, you can choose Apple’s iPad Mini or iPad Air even with closed eyes.

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