Sorry, This Content Isn’t Available Right Now On Facebook Error | Facebook Guide

In case you use Facebook constantly and you have been on Facebook for a serious long time, you have in all probability went up against the mix-up “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now On Facebook” once, or you have thought about another Facebook customer having this issue.

I’m mindful of how disappointing confronting such blunders can be on your number one online media stage; that why I have accumulated every one of the reasons why you see this mistake and how to fix “Grieved, “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now On Facebook

9 reasons you see “Heartbroken, this substance isn’t accessible at the present time” on Facebook.

I have looked through the entire web to discover the reasons why this blunder appears on Facebook, and I have accumulated every one of the reasons why this message shows up.

The following are for the most part the reasons why you get “Grieved, “This Content Isn’t Available Right Now On Facebook


1. You are Blocked

We as a whole realize that when somebody decides to obstruct us on Facebook, we can presently don’t see their posts, which can cause the “this substance isn’t accessible at this moment” on Facebook.

2. The substance is hailed as spam

In the event that a Facebook post is unseemly and disregards any principles, it would be erased and hailed as spam, so that may be a motivation behind why you get this mistake.

3. You may have been logged out

Now and then, Facebook makes you log out of your record, automatically and you may be uninformed of that. In any case, you should simply revive the page and when the login screen appears, enter your certifications to get signed in effectively. Then, at that point search the substance indeed, and you would most presumably see the “this substance isn’t accessible the present moment” mistake is no more.

4. The post’s security settings are changed

There are times that you can presently don’t see a post you could see prior; that may be on the grounds that the banner has chosen to change the post’s settings and make it more private and pick who can see the post. Choices like Public, Companions, Companions aside from.., Explicit companions, and so on, are accessible on Facebook, and if these settings are changed by the proprietor, there is no way to fix it.

5. The post is eliminated by the first banner

The post you are attempting to reach may be erased by the individual who posted it under any condition, and any individual who attempts to see it may confront this well known blunder.

6. The post has area or age limitations

Facebook permits its clients to pick who they’d prefer to see their presents and on keep the substance confined to a particular age gathering or area. The post which is displayed to you as inaccessible may have area or age limitations that you are not qualified to see.

7. Facebook may be down

At whatever point we face blunders and bugs on any stage, one of the principal reasons which come into our psyche is that the stage has confronted issues. At the point when you get “This substance isn’t accessible at the present time” mistake, Facebook may be confronting worldwide crashes and issues.

You can check if Facebook is down on “Down finder” and check whether the issue is from Facebook’s side.

8. Malware or Bug Interruption

This may be astounding, however some Facebook clients discovered that an infection or bug was the explanation that they saw the “This substance isn’t accessible at the present time” blunder on Facebook. Make a point to get out any infection and malware from your gadget utilizing an enemy of infection.

9. The first banner has deactivated or erased their record

At the point when somebody deactivated or erased their Facebook account, their substance may be influenced. Another normal motivation behind why clients may be getting a blunder “this page isn’t accessible” is on the grounds that the client has deactivated his profile by which the substance was posted.


There are a few reasons why we get “this substance isn’t accessible at the present time” on Facebook when attempting to arrive at a post. A portion of these causes have arrangements, and some of them don’t, and presently you every one of the variables which make a client face this blunder.


How might you fix Facebook’s substance isn’t available page mistake?

1. Check if the Facebook workers are down

There may be a worker issue when Facebook doesn’t show pages. To check in case there’s a FB worker issue, open the Down indicator page for Facebook.

In the event that that page says there’s a FB blackout, stand by a little while.

2. Logout and go back into your Facebook account-

On the off chance that the FB workers aren’t encountering issues, click the Record button at the upper right of Facebook.

Select the Log out choice. Then, at that point log once more into FB once more, and have a go at opening the page the issue emerges for.

3. Distribute the page

To check if your FB page is really distributed, click Settings at the upper right of the page the issue emerges for.

  • Snap General on the left of Settings.
  • On the off chance that the page isn’t distributed, click Alter for the Page Perceivability choice.
  • Select the Page distributed choice.
  • Snap the Save changes button.

4. Eliminate geological limitations for the page

Look down to Country Limitations on the Overall tab that incorporates the Page Perceivability settings.

  • Snap Alter for Nation Limitations.
  • Erase the nations the page limitations are for.
  • Snap the Save Changes button.

5. Unblock clients

Snap Facebooks Records button > Settings and security

  • Settings
  • Select the Impeding tab.
  • Snap Unblock alongside impeded clients recorded inside the Square clients area.


There’s nothing amiss with your PC or gadget. These messages normally show up most oftentimes on cell phones and quite often vanish in a short measure of time.

Indeed, a recommendation! Try not to pursue any substance when “this page isn’t accessible” message is shown. All things being equal, partake in a day to day existence liberated from online media grips. Make genuine companions, inhale natural air, and enjoy a reprieve from the advanced world. In the event that you need some assistance in friendly detoxing, think about these means to liberate yourself from web-based media dependence.