Start NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace Development and enchant basketball enthusiasts

Sports fans across the world can get closer to their favourite players. They can buy packs and moments of interesting matches, engrossing tournaments, and game-changing dunks There is one platform that sells licensed collectibles of the National Basketball Association (NBA). It is none other than NBA Top Shot. Built on the Flow blockchain, sports enthusiasts can collect and trade rare and unique moments. Are you that entrepreneur eager to enter the world of Web 3.0? Commence NBA Top Shot like NFT marketplace development.

Some must-know stats about the success of NBA Top Shot

  • Overall, the NFT trading platform has sold 111,66,458 collectibles till now. The trading volume has surpassed $745.99 million.
  • With the league going on in full swing, activity is also increasing heavily on the Flow-based marketplace. As per DAppRadar, 79,310 users have processed 1.02 million transactions in the last 1 week.
  • The bridge between the physical and the digital is getting closer now. Wonder how? This is because NBA Top Shot has partnered with Infinite Objects. Die-hard sports enthusiasts can display their packs and moments in their homes. They should link their Dapper wallet, sign in, and place an “Order Video Print” of their clip. Is it authentic? Yes. Fans will receive a QR code and a holographic sticker along with the video frames.

Connecting rarity and NBA Top Shot

Common Moments – Buying a sports-themed collectible is an experience. Therefore, a Common Moment can be of 3 types (Highly Accessible, Widely Available, and Largest Edition Sizes).

Fandom Moments –Indeed, the NBA gets a lot of buzz when famous players like Stephen Curry, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant play. Moreover, admirers of the game can get hold of special collectibles. Fans will receive special collectibles. Further, they can choose 2 options (Buy a Moment of a Game that happened or Purchase Drops of NFTs for Special Events).

Rare Moments – Extraordinary is the right way to describe these kinds of NFTs.  It can be a historic moment, a stunning turnaround by a team, and one player coming out with a jawdropping dunk, a hook shot, and a three-pointer. Sports fans can purchase these small edition size moments.

Legendary Moments – Elite is an appropriate phrase to denote these types of moments. Fans can own extremely rare and highly sought after collectibles. Users can choose NFTs like Best Play in a specific game and astonishing passes/ blocks from award-winning players. Later, sports enthusiasts can move their collectibles to the Dapper non-custodial wallet after purchasing them.

What is the process to create an NBA Top Shot Like NFT Marketplace?

  • Finalizing the business objectives – NBA Top Shot is offering a phygital experience for fans in every nook and corner of the world. Sports aficionados can watch games in stadiums, queue up to buy rare moments, and also purchase the same from the Flow-powered blockchain network.

Likewise, you must decide the business goal before starting an NFT marketplace. It comprises increasing wealth, offering a world-class sports experience to fans, and enabling players to directly interact with followers.

  • Decide the type of blockchain network – There are several blockchains now. Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Cardano, Harmony, TRON, WAX, Tezos, Solana etc. However, the NBA Top Shot functions on the Flow blockchain network.

You will receive advantages like high scalability, access to a multi-node architecture, low transaction processing fees, and instant recovery of lost keys. Moreover, validators receive excellent rewards for maintaining the speed and throughput of the blockchain network.

The 4 kinds of Nodes are Collector, Execution, Verifier, and Consensus. This ensures decentralization and a friendly user experience. Moreover, the absence of sharding ensures uninterrupted business operations for DApps and smart contracts associated with Flow.

  • Create a friendly user interface – Importantly, drag and drop elements along with easy-touch buttons will impress sports fans easily. The basic functions like registration, creating an account on the Dapper Wallet, viewing the available moments and packs, and processing transactions must be done in a glitch-free manner.


  • Integrate some special features – What distinguishes an ordinary NFT marketplace from an extraordinary one? It lies in the features. Likewise, you must add functionalities like a community guidelines section, multi-chain wallet, a rewards system for completing challenges, highlighting a list of certified ballers, and 24×7 technical support via social media channels.

The features of an NFT trading platform similar to NBA Top Shot are

Filter and Search mechanism – Users can discover a list of players, teams, and sets on an NBA Top Shot like NFT marketplace. Moreover, they can make the right choice by using filters like league, sets, series, tiers (common, legendary, rare, and ultimate), badges, and rewards. Further, sports fans can choose NFTs based on the price (lowest ask), start date and end date of the game, position, and play type.

Social media sign-in option – Sports fans in every nook and corner of the globe can log in by linking their email addresses and Dapper wallet accounts. This enables them to swiftly get hold of hot moments and packs easily.

Challenges section – Fans will receive rewards after completing challenges successfully. They can collect moments and accumulate them in their Dapper digital wallet. Moreover, sports enthusiasts can categorize their challenges into 2 types, Active and Previous. Further, users can create a showcase and earn moments of top players and acclaimed teams.

Community dashboard – Unquestionably, sports matches give an adrenaline-like rush to fans. Likewise, you can keep your target audience hooked to the screens by sharing updates. It includes information about the latest moments, sharing a list of top collectors, competition with fans in the leaderboard, and partnerships with different clubs, individual players, and teams.

Help Centre – Clubs and sports fans require 24×7 technical assistance on an NBA Top Shot like NFT marketplace. You can enhance the retention rate by providing prompt support for identity verification, changing of payment methods, deposit, and withdrawal, issues faced in challenges, sending gifts, and receiving rewards.

Wrapping Up

Yearning to make a splash in the global sports industry? Team up with an NFT launchpad platform development company to create an NBA Top Shot clone soon.