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Summer Road Trips: 6 Road Trip Ideas for Your Next Adventure

Summertime is not for sitting inside the house but stepping outdoors to explore and enjoy. And what could be the best way than going on a road trip to live to the fullest during summertime? While we are talking about this, did you know that Americans drive over three trillion miles a year? Experts assume perhaps that’s because of the prettiest roads across the United States.

For that reason, and to make your 2022 summer the most remarkable one, we have come up with six road trip ideas for your next adventure. These six are our super favorites.

1. Conquer The Californian Creations on California Route 1

Because of its natural wealthiness and size, we proudly agree that California is the best choice for road trips. The state has multiple scenic routes, but none comes near the charm of California Route 1. You need to fuel up your car and haul up your roof racks Sydney to experience Californian elegance.

While you see the harmony of North America and the Pacific Ocean, 1,200-foot cliffs banged by the sea waves blend beautifully into the redwood forest. The trip also includes beautiful endeavors like seeing sunkissed sea lions, adorable towns, and communities of artists. Don’t miss out on visiting the only waterfall emptying in the Pacific Ocean. Wait, since we have our showstopper – Big Sur Bridge, aka Bixby Bridge.

2. Say Hello to The Hawaain Hana’s Highway

Hana’s Highway covers a distance worth 50 miles alongside the Maui’s Northeastern shore. The 600 steep curves and over 50 one-way bridges make it an adventurous experience to drive on the Hana’s Highway.

While journeying, the temptation to smell the scents of ginger and plumeria flowers, quench under waterfall pools, and gather mangoes and bananas from roadside stations is irreplaceable. The highway concludes to a paradise – Hana, a yet-isolated, yet-pretty coastal rainforest village with black-sand and red-sand beaches.

3. Take a Straight Road to The Mars Via State Route 12

Not everyone can advance Mars in the first go, like India. But if you are in America, you can take the Mars feels for sure while traveling on State Route 12 in Utah. The picturesque rock formation of the Red Canyon will accompany you for 120 miles while giving you an incredible feeling.

This mesmerizing route will lead you straight to the Northside of Bryce Canyon National Park, where you can get swoon away with the orangish beauty of slim Hoodoos covering the Canyon floors. On your drive towards Eastside, you will get obliged to meet natives, explore unsung cafes, discover art galleries, and marvel at the views through groves of aspen trees on Boulder Mountain.

4. Be the Guest in All 18 Wineries on Highway 290

Hey, there, wine connoisseur! We have got something special for you. What if we say we have combined two of your passions-Travel + Wine = Highway 290. Highway 290 between Fredericksburg and Johnson City in the Texas Hill Country features eighteen stunning wineries amid its luxuriant landscapes.

Highway 290

From pleasing your eyes with the bluebonnets flower blanket over the hills in March and April to enjoying the German heritage display in Fredericksburg, you can do all while on a road trip to Highway 290. Plus, Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park is a must-visit paired with lunch at local restaurants serving strudel and schnitzel.

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5. Spin Your Wheels on The Blue Ridge Parkway

While stretching for 469 miles through the US woods, The Blue Ridge Parkway binds Shenandoah National Park in Virginia with the Great Smoky Mountains, North Carolina. Because over a billion years of age, Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina have secured a place among the oldest mountains on the planet.

While spinning your wheels on the parkway, you can witness zillion scenic overlooks, limitless hikes, and innumerable waterfalls. You can also discover historical sites and brewing endeavors in a small yet wealthiest cultural town – Asheville.

Blue Ridge Parkway

6. Ride Along with the Ravishing Scenics of Route 66

The supremely famous Route 66 is one of America’s exquisite road trip-worthy highways. Sprawling for about 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica, California, Route 66 has multiple touristy attractions like the Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, New Mexico, and Cadillac Ranch, Texas.

Initially, the highway was a migration path for workers mobilizing in the 1930s towards the West. Today, Route 66 no longer exists officially. However, the importance of journeying on it is intact for the globetrotters.

Route 66

The Bottom Line

Now you know that there are several road trip options to shine this summer. With a little planning and packing, you can be on wheels this adventurous summer while spending a great time with your family or friends. One can also try to go to Tennessee, there are a lot of shows in pigeon forge tennessee where you can stop over and enjoy before your next road trip. Besides the above six, you can plan to visit some other excellent options, including Massachusetts Route 6A, Lake Shore Drive, and Newport, Rhode Island. Lastly, every route is uniquely blessed with natural beauty, adorned with incredible cityscapes, and hosts a myriad of travel experiences alongside.