Support to One is Support to Many

Regardless of age or gender, everyone holds the freedom to live their lives in their chosen manner. It might be related to housing, money, work, nutrition, travel, or education, among other things. The absence of access, information, amenities, or adjustments in housing may make it difficult for senior adults and individuals with special needs to live independently and comfortably in their own homes. It would be beneficial to have housing and assistance tailored to each person’s unique requirements, allowing them to live a comfortable life. 

A range of disability services in Gold Coast is available, including short-term accommodations, day service centers and support coordination, and Supported Independent Living and other facilities tailored to the specific needs of individuals, allowing them to feel at home in their supported living spaces. It is estimated that 6.6 percent of young Gold Coast residents and children aged 0-24 months need physical or mental health care due to a disability, according to the Survey of Disability, Ageing, and Careers (SDAC). In addition, about 50,500 seniors in Gold Coast have a handicap, and 15,132 need support to carry out their daily living tasks. Dependable disability Services are thus required in the region.


The National Impairment Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides persons living with a permanent and significant disability greater control over their lives and gives them more choice and control. Suppose one of your NDIS objectives is to reside more freely. NDIS participants receiving Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding may live in contemporary shared houses in very desirable locations in Gold Coast with Support Workers on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continue reading to discover the five most essential advantages of SIL:

1. Acquiring self-sufficiency

Moving into your apartment gives you the freedom to make more choices for yourself and live the life you want. But what happens if you need assistance to live independently? There are many disability services in Gold Coast that assist you with the following:

● Showering and dressing are examples of personal hygiene.

● Cooking, cleaning, gardening, and laundry are examples of everyday life skills.

● Assisting with budgeting and home management

● Social and communication abilities are being developed.

● Overnight assistance is available (sleepover or active overnight)

When you live in SIL, you may exercise your autonomy whenever you wish, and someone will be there to assist you whenever you want assistance. And, of course, your family and friends are welcome to pay you a visit whenever they choose!

2. Making new acquaintances

One of the advantages of relocating is the possibility to broaden your social network. In recognition that living with other people is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, disability service in Gold Coast makes every effort to pair you up with other house members who are similar and have the same interests.

A common feature of most shared houses in the presence of community amenities such as the kitchen, living room, laundry room, and outdoor entertainment space. The fact that you will be sharing rooms with other house members means that you will have several chances to interact with others in your daily life.

3. There are more opportunities.

A change of residence brings with it a plethora of options and possibilities. Perhaps you’d want to be closer to your place of employment, where you attend day programs, or whether you engage in entertainment or leisure activities. Consider using this time to focus on what is important to you and which solutions may make your life simpler or more enjoyable.

4. The right to be free and safe

Everyone recognizes the need to strike a balance between freedom and safety. While you will share the standard rooms with the other home residents, your new bedroom will be your private retreat. You will have complete flexibility to organize and decorate it in any manner you see fit for your needs.

At least one support person is on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist the residents. When it comes to reacting to crises and protecting the safety of house members, the staff are highly trained, so you can enjoy your independence while knowing that help is close at hand.

5. Help is always there when you need it.

While you may be looking forward to your new house and freedom, you may also feel apprehensive about being away from your family or caregiver.

Developing one’s life skills and self-confidence is essential for everyone who moves away from home for the first time. They are there to assist you with practical duties and personal development by listening to you, understanding what is important to you, and providing guidance to help you reach your life objectives.