The Rise of The Healthy Snack & Healthy Eating

It’s rising! And not just because of the carbs. The new and improved snacks on the market are tasty, filling, and downright Healthy snack. Gone are the days when you reach a snack aisle full of sugar-laden goodies that boast low sugar counts until you realize they have just as much fat, calories, and carbs by weight.

The good folks at Snackly know what it takes to make a snack better than ever before: put in as much good stuff (one serving has 10-20 grams protein and under 200 calories) as possible while taking out all the bad stuff (read: high levels of salt). The result? A tasty product that is not only great for your taste buds but also your waistline.

Take a look at the product line and you’ll find Superfoods with 30 grams of quality protein, zero trans fats, and more than 5 grams of fiber. Or you can pile on a signature snack to provide your day with all the fuel it needs. Try our Snack Pack for a full day of energy so you won’t miss a beat.

Move Towards Healthy Snack & Healthy Eating

Snackly is the brainchild of a couple in search of a healthy treat that would satisfy a craving, curb hunger, and provide sustenance all at once. And they found it. Now you can have it too.


One serving of the snacks has sugar in the form of protein-rich blackstrap molasses. This is a natural sweetener made from the juice of raw sugar cane and is a great source of iron and calcium. Unrefined, blackstrap molasses also contains 18 amino acids, including all nine essential amino acids

The snacks do not contain sucrose (table sugar) or fructose (fruit sugar), which are highly processed and devoid of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals that are naturally found in healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Snacks Market Growth

Currently the market for healthy snacks is growing at a very high rate. The rising trend of health conscious individuals has brought along an for healthy snacks market. Many people are trying to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is the reason that the demand for healthier and organic products is on the rise.

In addition to increasing awareness about the importance of keeping a healthy diet, there are various laws being enacted around the world which would require manufacturers to include health warnings on packaged food products that have high fat content, high sugar content or high salt content.

This has resulted in many health conscious people opting for healthier options instead of processed foods to eat.

Energy Snacks Market

The energy snacks market is gaining ground rapidly. The energy industry focuses on providing a snack that does not only provide energy but also tastes good in the process. Traditionally, energy drinks were very popular but now a days people want to eat something healthy and nutritious that provides them with enough energy for the long day ahead.

Energy snacks are a new and emerging business in the market and many entrepreneurs are investing in this industry because of the lucrative opportunities it provides. Millions of dollars are spent every year on purchasing food items as snacks by various companies to feed their employees during working hours and this has led to an interesting and dynamic platform for growth.

Healthy Snacks Market Segmentation Analysis

On the basis of product, the healthy snacks market can be segmented into various submarkets such as protein-based snacks, fiber-based snacks and other energy-rich snacks. Protein-based energy snacks are gaining momentum in the market because of growing urbanization and awareness about nutrition among people. While fiber-rich snacks are expected to grow at a very high rate over the forecast period. The other submarkets such as fat-free energy drinks and others are also expected to grow strongly during the forecast period.

The factors driving this market include increasing health consciousness among consumers and rising disposable income in countries like India, China and Latin America. In addition, growing awareness about nutrition issues is expected to provide a boost to this market over the forecast period.

On the basis of distribution, the healthy snacks market can be segmented into supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores. Supermarkets are one of the most lucrative and important channels for selling various products. They offer a wide range of products such as fresh meats and vegetables, dairy products, and bakery items that attract consumer attention. Thanks to their growing popularity and rising consumer spending on food items all across the world .

Beyond the traditional experience of in-store shopping, chains are looking to add amenities like curbside pickup, click-and-collect, product delivery and chef-instructions cooking classes that serve to further enhance consumers’ shopping experiences.


The healthy diet market is likely to grow at a very fast rate. The increasing demand of consumers for protein-rich snacks, fiber-rich snacks and fat-free energy drinks is expected to drive a strong growth over the forecast period.

Healthy snacks market is valued at USD 5.97 billion in 2016. Is expected to reach USD 16.68 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of 15% from 2017 to 2021.

The healthy snacks market for energy-rich products such as protein or fiber-based snacks is growing at a very fast pace. It would continue its upward trend owing to the rising awareness about nutrition among people. Also growing urbanization across various countries .