Ensuite shower cubicle

Things That Matter Most For A Perfect Ensuite Shower Cubicle

The Ensuite shower cubicle is an essential part of your attached bathroom. The necessity of shower space comes from your need to take a shower every morning without a problem. It is also because you want to have your own private space that you use only.

That generally means that it’s the kind of space that guests or anyone from outside would not visit. So, it must transform into a complete personal oasis. While it is a relatively small space with an enclosure, you cannot ignore that whatever you install in it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a practical solution. Your choice must be according to the overall size of the available space, so the practicality of other does not affect.


Size and Dimensions 


You may already know the ensuite is a bathroom that is attaches to your bedroom. So, it is not a family bathroom. It’s your personal space to take a shower and use such amenities. An ensuite has showers that, if the space is available, permits can be enclosed with a cubicle. However, you will have to be extra careful while choosing the size. Ideally, you would like to install the smallest size available of an enclosure. 

Most bathroom retailers have an 800x700mm Ensuite shower cubicle that will probably fit in most cases. You remember that not only should the enclosure be small, but it is also important that the other fixtures around it also are compact, so you don’t face any problem walking around. In case you want a wet room rather than an enclosure, then in most cases, you can choose an 800mmx 1200mm in length and width. 


Important Considerations For Shower Cubicle


There are several important considerations that you should keep in mind while planning for an ensuite shower cubicle.

  • The Position and Layout. Your choice of an enclosure highly depends on the position where you want to install it and the overall layout. In case you are just looking for a replacement, then you should move to the next part. For the new bathroom, you should identify the space you want to fit an enclosure. It is suggested to make use of the corners. It is suitable if you have the limited space like most such spaces have. In case you have got a chance to design the layout of your ensuite, then you can take full advantage of it. With careful consideration of space, you can get most of the available space with proper planning. It can be a real personal retreat where you have everything as per your wish and choices. You can also design an enclosure and enjoy a great time taking a shower.
  • The Available Space. The first important factor is the available space in your bathroom. You must carefully measure the available space. You must be able to allocate a minimum of the space that is equal to the smallest available enclosure in the market. It should be at least 800x700mm in most cases. You can opt for a bigger size in case of the availability of extra space. However, you should make sure that after you allocate the space, there is enough room for walking around or fit other fittings. 
  • Choosing The Enclosure Type. After you know where you want fit and which size of enclosure you want. The next most important consideration will be the choice of the enclosure. While there are various types and style of enclosures exists in the market, you will be of care while choosing the one for the ensuite. 

It is because there are variations in the way your choice can help with the space-saving.  If the space is limited, then you may choose to fit the cubicle into the corner. It may be quadrant, offset quadrant, or pentagonal shapes. These are space-saving options. However, if due to any reasons you don’t want to install it, then you can also choose square or rectangular shapes which can easily fit between the walls. 


  • Choice of Shower Door. Another important consideration is the choice of the shower door. Whenever you plan for the enclosure, a shower door of your choice is also included. However, you will need to make a choice carefully. First, you will need to choose from several options. You can not fit every door to any enclosure. These include pivot, bifold, and sliding doors. Suppose you are looking for a space-saving option. Then bifold and sliding doors may be a better option, especially for the corner entry enclosures. You will also need to think about the right or left side opening of the door while making sure that you have enough room for getting in and out. 

Do You Need Ensuite Shower Cubicle?

In this article, we explain the different factors that are important to consider while planning to install an ensuite shower cubicle. If you keep all the things above in mind while making your choice, it will best fit into your ensuite and increase satisfaction and comfort. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, you get high-quality fittings and fixtures at lower prices. Good Day!