Tiffany Alyssa

The Tiffany Alyssa Interview: A Comprehensive Description  

Comedy Ain’t Just a Guy’s Game

Who says women can’t do comedy and still manage to be smokin’ hot? Not to be the douchebag of the year, but that Tiffany Alyssa on TikTok? Total babe. Funny too. And if you say that comedic women do not do it for the guys, then you’re a liar. Yeah. I see you.

Sometimes all it takes is seeing something or someone on the tube to get you started on a lifelong path. For Tiffany Alyssa, it was watching Smosh videos in 7th grade when she realized comedy was something she liked. Loved—to be honest. 

In 2007, at age 11, Tiffany started publishing her skits on YouTube under the username, tiffanypfl. She started slow on the platform but eventually gained momentum well into 2014 to 2015. 

With the explosion of TikTok in popular consciousness, Tiffany had found new grounds to get her brand to more people. 

Amassing 1.1 million followers, this internet hottie produces videos like there’s no tomorrow. Tiffany always offers something fresh but funnily familiar. She takes the mundane and turns it over its head. By the end of her videos, you wouldn’t know whether you’d laugh or fall in love.

In a recent interview with Tiffany Alyssa, she shares her motivations for entering social media as a content creator. We’ll get to know her taste in music, her creative process, the people she’d want to collaborate with, and so much more.

The Lowdown 

Small Beginnings

When asked about how she got into her career, Tiffany recounts how at a young age, she already liked making people smile. Just like anyone else who stepped into the limelight, Tiffany started with her family. She would make her siblings and parents laugh at home, not wanting to waste the potential of a good time indoors. 

When Tiffany started going to school, that is when she realized that she loved being comedic. She became the funny girl in school, always wanting to make someone smile. She built a personality around her humor and everyone was on board with it.

Tiffany remembers watching Smosh videos on YouTube, thinking that the duo was such a fun treat, and deciding she wanted to do what they did. That was 2007, and boy wasn’t she clueless about the other platforms for entertainment that would come her way.

When asked about her choice of music, we can’t help but smile. Apart from being eclectic, she mentioned she loved the ‘old Usher.’ If that doesn’t make you feel vintage, leave the room. We have no space for liars here.

Tiffany just can’t help being the life of the party. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not an ego thing. Funny is just how she’s wired. If you can’t stand a pretty girl who knows how to have a good time, again, the door’s to your left.

She says people shouldn’t let her get control of the sound system, otherwise, she’ll play all the music in her middle school iPod playlist. Aside from Usher (you boomer), Tiffany says she likes Beyonce, Trey Songz,  Pretty Ricky, and the Ying Yang Twins. She doesn’t discriminate against genres. She’d listen to country, oldies (there’s a subtle shade there) R&B, rap, rock, and techno. And we understood when she said that there’s a right time for a specific kind of music.

Tiffany’s Creative Process

Tiffany shared that before she would write down video ideas and scripts for content she’d be releasing. But now, she realized that she just wanted to come off as natural. She wanted to elicit on-the-spot reactions. Tiffany realized spontaneity is the way to go. If you have been on the internet long enough, you’d know how people gravitate to the authentic.

Tiffany simply notes down her ideas, gets the cam, and starts rolling. There’s a certain novelty in what she does. When you watch her vids, you know that this girl is the real deal.


The interviewer went on to ask Tiffany if she wanted to collaborate with anyone. She answered she didn’t have anyone specific. She says that there are a lot of people she loves watching and she’d love to see their energy jive with hers. 

Tiffany To Her Fans

When asked about a message for her fans, she said that she’s grateful for all the love. She appreciates all the support she’s been getting. Tiffany can’t help but be amazed by all the people who have been supporting her for over 10 years regardless of whether she was in the best or worst of times. 

Common Issues

Tiffany admitted that there were times when she had to dislodge from the net to take care of her mental health. And despite being hacked numerous times, her fans always found her and continued support.

Being able to sit down with Tiffany Alyssa is such a delight. It’s a  cliché but with her personality and how she conducts herself, she came off as a breath of fresh air. If you check her social media accounts, you’ll see how this translates to her material.

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You Mean You Haven’t Followed Tiffany Yet? What’s Wrong With You?

It’s surprising how Tiffany manages to take the every day and turn it into comedy gold. If you haven’t been following her it may only mean two things:

  1. You’re a tech hermit.
  2. You’re a boomer who hates everything fun.

But we know you’re better. We know you’re already opening the TikTok app and typing her name in. You got this son.

Grounded and effortless, Tiffany Alyssa’s brand is something you didn’t know you needed.  Trust us, this total babe will crack you up and leave you on the floor.

You can follow Tiffany Alyssa through TikTok and Instagram.