Google Workspace

Top Benefits of Google Workspace

Businesses use many methods to boost the productivity of employees. But what does it really take to increase employee productivity? It is the seamless processing of day-to-day office tasks. Well, one product is Google Workspace, which can help boost employees’ productivity in a workplace. No doubt it is one of the best solutions for businesses in the market so far.

Furthermore, it offers control to an employer over their organization and work. Also, you can secure data or documents for collaborating more effectively.

Now we will dive into the numerous unparalleled advantages of Google Workspace. This guide will help you know better reasons for choosing G workspace.

Top 6 Advantages Of Google Workspace

1. Secure information

One more reason to use Google Workspace is that this platform works hard in keeping data secure. You might know that Google employs rigorous security protocols for both its cloud-hosted and physical data centers operations.

These rules conclude:

Privacy while forwarding

All the documents you share between a company and Google’s servers are encrypted. Let’s take an example: every email you are receiving or sending is 100% encrypted; that is why they are secure. Further, admins have eligibility to set encryption rules as per their need for docs or files.

State of the art security

In Google’s physical data centers style, some of the topmost security measures are used, such as biometrics and laser detection.

Two-Step Verification

It is an extra layer of security provided by Google. If you are signing in by an unrecognized device, then account users get a text message with an OTP immediately on their number.

AI detection

It is one of the top security features. If Google finds any suspicious activity, then it will alert admin about new or unusual behavior signs.

2. Easy login

It’s not easy to remember many login details, but with the help of a single sign-on, employers may allow your team to log in with their Google Workspace’s credentials (password and email). So, this function eliminates the requirement for the team to remember their password (they can log in easily).

No doubt that forgetting passwords is a very common issue found in users. It is one of the more annoying problems; that is why single sign-on came as a blessing for all users.

Do you know if you are using G Suite, your team is already living in the “Google Workspace” era? It consists of Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and many apps found in the Google workspace Marketplace.

Moreover, using two-factor authentication with a G Workspace account is great.

3. Compatible with every device

It is a cloud-hosted platform that can be accessed every time and everywhere. The Google Workspace app is compatible with every browser. A user can use any device to access the features of your G Workspace and content. It can work on PC, Android, Tablet, or Mac.

Furthermore, G workspace has the offline working feature. With the help of this feature, you can work on any google app without relying on access to the internet. If you want to have a copy of your doc for offline working, you can sync G drive with the G FileStream feature. Google makes sure you are working on the latest files as well as don’t have to waste time duplicating or moving assets.

Also, the G suite is popular for 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement) for its applications. This means it doesn’t have any scheduled maintenance and downtime, and you can easily access your files.

4. Affordable

The best part is G suite is cost-effective for any business or company. Now you don’t need to maintain or buy company hardware and servers. Google takes care of all security protocols and checks.

It has collaboration tools which means you can easily cut down on office space and even travel. Instead of storage or software, you need to pay for the G Workspace account.

Now, if we talk about the monthly cost, you need to pay $12 for one user to access Google Workspace Business. Moreover, it charges $25 one user for G Workspace Enterprise. These budget-friendly plans are best for small to large enterprises.

5. No missing updates

Using the G suite will inform and update you about every notification in a second. Also, it syncs your sickness or leaves requests with Google Calendar immediately. Moreover, once a team member submits their leave request, it will sync directly to their calendar and appear as a “pending request.” However, you can update it to “approved request” if it is approved.

Here you can get the benefits of Google Team Calendars; it allows you to sync over the entire team’s leave details to support everyday tasks.

The integration with team calendars or calendars helps employees

  • Resume their jobs
  • Understand when your employees will be on holiday
  • Review before making their own request
  • Schedule the meetings over their absences

You will get all the important information in one place only.

6. Fast uploading

Have you ever felt annoyed while working due to slow internet speed? If so, Google suite will help you out! As you know, many web hosting services that promise a fast loading speed of your website, but it fails. However, it doesn’t repeat with the G workspace. How? Let us explain

First, you need to add new names or joins. Now you can choose to import through the G Suite. It saves the time and efforts of employees with a long-winded process.

The G workspace helps you to verify the new users in your team. Choose the upload users button from the G suite; you will instantly get aware of the new joiners and quickly assign them a task.

Final Words

Do you like the features of the Google suite? We hope this article will guide you to choose the best business product. Moreover, Google workspace has many appealing features to help in running work seamlessly.

It will make your office team better updated, faster, and more collaborative. Furthermore, many web hosting services provide more leverages when opting for G workspace. So are you ready to opt for the G suite? Please let us know in the comment box!