Top iconic resorts in Dubai that you must visit

Dubai is amongst luxurious travel destinations in the world. Endless hot red desert and miles of the longest coastline enhance the magnificence of Dubai. This city has filled with the natural and contrived marvels that indeed blew your mind. Dubai is a place where people adventures and enjoy a lavish life.

It’s a world-known fact that Dubai has the most diverse and multifarious economy. And more than 20% of the GDP is unaided shouldered by the tourism sector. Grounds are ongoing evolutions and expansions in the tourism industry. Not only the central city, but the coastlines, also offer world-class service to the visitors.

In this article, let’s explore the top ultramodern five-star resorts located on the shores of the Dubai coastline.

The list Top iconic resorts in Dubai that you must visit

The landmark of the Dubai – Burj Al Arab Jumeirah:

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah is the solely seven-star hotel that the world has. This incredible skyline has a sail shape design. It offers the most elegant dining with authentic Dubai cuisine and the boundless artificial swimming pool built on the top of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

For the car enthusiast, it offers fleets of Dubai luxury cars to drive or experience adventure on the private yacht.

Atlantis, The Palm:

The list of the top resorts in Dubai is vague without The Palm. It is a stylish and giant beach resort situated on the apex of Palm Jumeirah isle. To encounter the most satisfactory stay in Dubai, The Palm is the perfect place. Adventure all underwater activities, such as scuba dive, and more here in the palm. Must visit this world’s grand beach in Dubai.

Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

You can consider it a mini-city inside Dubai with all world-class facilities to relax for a while. This newly constructed Mandarin Oriental is located on the Jumeira beach. Enjoy the most extravagant living with the king-size rooms and the panoramic sceneries from the balcony. Feel the comfort of an exclusive spa and taste the delicious local dishes.

Waldorf Astoria:

The iconic Palm Jumeirah is the natural island that inhabits the top place in Dubai. This isle comprises numerous hotels and resorts, and Waldorf Astoria is one of them. This resort has a 200m long private beach that incorporates thrilling water activities. You can even disburse some quality time with your kiddies at Kids Club in Waldorf Astoria.

Sports enthusiast can play their favorite game, tennis. Waldorf Astoria is the most immaculate location to roam.

Bulgari Resort Dubai:

Desire to partake in the water activities, and do you want to experience adventure with a private yacht? Then this resort is the ideal one. You can rent a craft through their yacht club. Once you enter the resort, you can experience elegant vibes.

This resort is on the Gulf of Jumeira Bay Island. Fitness freaks can practice their body activity at a 24-hour unrestricted fitness club and attend the workshop of Gymnasium training. This resort composes of many indoor pools and outdoor private beaches.

Nikki Beach Resort and Spa

Nikki beach resort is amongst the top resorts in Dubai and offers the most comfortable spa treatment at a budget-friendly rate. It is just about 15 min drive from the airport and offers a free parking lot too. Stay in the extra-large room and enjoy the glittering ocean view from the balcony.

The spa includes many styles of massages and facials to glow and relax your body. If you have exclusively come to Dubai for shopping, get easy access to over-the-top shopping malls in Dubai.

Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort:

In this endless list of incredible resorts in Dubai, the next one that comes your way is Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort. This beach hotel and resort is a perfect option for a mid-range budget. Enjoy and relax large seafront sitting with your partner.

Sheraton offers you extra-large rooms with contemporary surroundings, and extravagant service is enough to grab your attention. Relish your dining in five extensive restaurants and taste the most authentic food here with soothing live music.

Roda Beach Resort

This resort has budget-friendly offerings for its visitors; located near Jumeirah Beach. Enjoy your stay with free wifi, and an extra-large outdoor pool can make your day mesmerizing.

You can even make you’re living extra memorable and unique with a single bedroom villa, and it offers the most eye-lowing view of the ocean from the balcony.

Final thoughts:

Dubai has everything that can make your moments remarkable and even grand. This emirate has been immensely blessed with natural gifts and rich cultural & heritage values. The above list of splendid resorts, hotels, and beach restaurants enriches the face of Dubai.

So, if you are in Dubai or planning to roam around the emirate, don’t forget to spend at least one day of your tour in these lavish resorts.