The compulsory insurance law stipulates that tractor insurance is mandatory for the operation of an agricultural tractor. This applies when the tractor is used outside of private property. Tractor insurance only differs from classic motor vehicle insurance in a few ways.

The essentials in brief

  • If the tractor is used outside of private property, it must have at least one liability in accordance with the compulsory insurance law.
  • In contrast to car insurance, there are other factors that affect the insurance premium for a tractor.
  • Tractors that are more than 30 years old and are no longer used commercially can be insured as vintage vehicles.

What does tractor insurance cover?

Tractor insurance does not only apply to tractors. It also applies to combine harvesters, crawler tractors, tractors and all other agricultural machines. The insurance cover not only covers the machine itself, but also attachments such as a plow or mulcher.

Similar to a car, a tractor can be covered both with liability insurance and also with comprehensive insurance. The premium for the tractor is determined almost analogously to a car insurance.

How are the costs for tractor insurance calculated?

How much is average farm tractor insurance cost isn’t an exact value, it depends on several factors. In addition to the regional class, the registration area, the number of kW also plays a role. In contrast to the type key, which is primarily used in a motor vehicle, the so-called WKZ comes into play on a tractor. The WKZ, risk code, is used for classification on tractors and trucks.

What benefits does tractor insurance offer?

Liability insurance covers damage that the vehicle driver causes to third parties through the use of the tractor. The legislator provides for minimum amounts of coverage within the framework of the statutory vehicle insurance. However, the insurers offer a different, significantly better-designed insurance protection.

In most cases, however, an accident does not just mean damage to third parties. Your own vehicle is usually also damaged. In this case, the insurance cover can be extended to include fully comprehensive coverage. The third party insurance offer insurance for tractors, of course, also. If you want to be on the safe side, you can add a so-called repair cost insurance to the policy.

Insure a tractor as a classic car

One or the other tractor fan has an old restored tractor in the garage. The good piece is no longer used in the field. Nevertheless, it must be insured if it is moved outside of your own property.

If it is a tractor insurance for a commercially used tractor, the contributions are fully tax-deductible as business expenses. If the tractor is used within the framework of the old-timer regulation, the owner can state the contribution for liability insurance in the tax return.

Types of tractor insurance

To insure your tractor and trailer, you have different contracting modalities. When you are going to insure agricultural machinery for your business it is important that you know the types of Tractor insurance that there are:

All Risk Insurance for tractors

It is the most complete insurance. It covers the Tractor’s Own Damages , both at rest, as in circulation, during transport or during the performance of your duties.

Extended Third Party Insurance for tractors

It is a very suitable modality, since, as its name suggests, it expands the basic coverage of the compulsory insurance of your tractor. As you know, to do your job, you need to have your Mandatory Tractor Insurance up to date . The extended Third Party Insurance for tractors, includes other guarantees the coverage of theft, fire, windows, etc.

Now that you know the types of insurance for your agricultural machinery, you only need the last step: access our online tractor insurance comparator and get your cheap tractor insurance with the best offer on the market. We guarantee it.

It is important to note that agricultural tractor insurance is mandatory. To work, you need Civil Liability Insurance for the tractor. With your RC insurance for tractor, you will be covered against possible damages that you may cause to third parties during your activity.

It is important to note that agricultural tractor insurance is mandatory. To work, you need Civil Liability Insurance for the tractor.

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