Display Boxes

Types of Display Boxes and How They Present The Product

Modern packaging design and styles are helping us substantially in many ways. Various types of boxes are getting manufactured with different features. These are not the days when we use a plain box and expect people to get impressed. Now, we have to make efforts and think of new and creative ways to customize our packages. People these days look for something unique. And if we fail to present our product professionally enough, our product might stay on the shelf forever.

Reasons: How do Display boxes Advertise the Product?

And that is the reason why many people are using separate packaging boxes to showcase the products. Such boxes are known as displays, and they are of various types and shapes. Each display is getting used for a particular product, and they prove to be effective for marketing and sales. For better understanding, let us discuss types of display boxes. And how they present and promote the product.

Types of displays Boxes:

Let us discuss types of display boxes for a better understanding of what we are dealing with in stores.

  • Countertop boxes:

As implied by their names, you could use these boxes on the counter. Along with the cash register, the boxes lie in trying to get the customers to purchase the product int the last minute. These displays mostly hold products like napkins, chapsticks, gums, or chocolate. These boxes could get manufactured with cardboard, paperboard, or kraft packaging material. These boxes are sturdy but are unmistakably much less sturdy than floor displays.

  • End Caps:

They get placed at the end of the aisle when we display a product in bulk. These are usually more spacious in volume. And are helpful when we do not want our product to get mixed with other ones. In addition, they have a large frame on which we could easily print our brand logo and slogan for marketing purposes.

  • Floor displays:

These custom display boxes are sturdier, organic, recyclable, and durable. They get used to publicizing heavy and bulky products. You could call them customized in any design. There are variations in the size and shape of these boxes.

  • Book displays:

Cardboard book displays could be seen in any shape, size, and dimension. They could get fabricated to be placed at the counter. And you could also get them manufactured to be placed on the floor.

  • Jewelry displays:

They often get fabricated with glass or high-quality transparent plastic. Whether you want to showcase seasonal decoration, jewelry or ornaments, use these displays to highlight them.

  • Power wings:

These displays are known as sidekicks as you attach them to a side of the shelf or counter. These display cases are meant to be placed in the most highly visited areas of your store.

Ways to customize displays:

Let us discuss some ways to customize our boxes and to give them an elegant look.

  1. Screen printing.
  2. Flexography.
  3. Gravure.
  4. Digital printing.
  5. Engraving and Embossing:

All of these printing methods can give a sophisticated look to our displays. And help us to increase our sales.

Role of logo and slogan onto our display packaging:

You must have heard a lot about how display cases advertise the brand. But how can a mere box advertise and promote a product? All it does is to stay in one corner of the store. A display has many components printed on them. A brand logo and slogan are the two factors that must get imprinted on the box. These factors define the product and the brand. And sometimes, the first thing you can see on a Printed Display Packaging is the brand identity. Next, the designer studies the dimension of the box. And they know exactly where to put the logo and how big it should be. All of these factors help you to grow your business.

What features to look for while buying displays:

While getting yourself a display for your product, make sure it contains these features.

  • Organic:

Your brand reputation and product image are ruined the moment you decide to use non-organic packaging. And now there is no chance to change the customer’s perspective. The only way is to start a campaign to tell the world how you commenced using organic packaging instead of marketing your brand. So be wise and take every step carefully.

  • Affordable:

Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive display when they do not know how customers react to their product. So instead, use high-quality cardboard packaging boxes as they are also affordable.

  • High-Quality:

A high-quality display is just as important as high-quality products. How can you make someone believe that the product is fancy and expensive if the box itself is ugly? The more fancy and fine your display appears, the less difficulty you’ll face while selling your products. And sometimes, you don’t even need to tell the customer about the newly arrived product. The displays themselves attract the customer and make them buy the item.

  • Durable:

When we talk about display, we assume a box that could display our product professionally. But one of the essential features of this box is to secure the item. But how? Let us assume a customer came into your store holding a cup of coffee. While checking out, he spilled the coffee on the counter. If there had been no countertop display, you would have ruined the product completely. But with the help of a display box, the items are safe and untouched.

  • Impermeable:

A packaging box that lets the moisture in could easily ruin our products. A display must be perfect and should protect the item regardless of the environmental temperature. If you have to laminate your display, then do so. Otherwise, use a sturdier and suitable box. Every packaging box gets designed for a particular product. Do not be confused about the box’s nature and usage. And use the appropriate Display Boxes.