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Understand different types of furniture material before opting for them

You have probably come across a whole range of furniture built with various materials when you ventured out to buy furniture. They would have consisted of wood, metal, glass, vinyl, acrylic, etc. But it is important to understand these materials and their characteristics before you decide on the furniture material of combination. By knowing them for what they are, you will realize the advantages and disadvantages of the furniture and how the material will behave with the weather, etc. before you go on a big furniture purchase from warehouse furniture Miami you must consider them and only choose that suits your purpose.

Wood furniture types available 


The ashwood is the most commonly used furniture material because it is soft and pliable thus is able to be bent and be flexible. While you want to shape them according to your wishes. Ashwood cannot be damaged easily or broken because it is one of the most durable furniture woods used in the market. Since it has a soft and smooth surface you can easily wipe out moisture, stains, and other liquid material from the surface.


This wood is used for making sturdy furniture. It is light-colored and hard and is used to make heavy items such as a bed or dining table. You can easily place heavy objects on them without occurring damage and are also shock resistant. It is a popular wood used by manufacturers because it is easily available and can be handy when crafting heavy furniture.

Cherry wood

It is a long-lasting furniture material and is used to make antique furniture that is mostly carved and shaker types consisting of tables and cabinets in a reddish-brown natural hue. It is easy to shape unlike other woods and actually it is a costly wood as it is rare. The wood takes different colors and becomes darker as it grows. 

warehouse furniture Miami


Maple wood is heavy and durable and is creamy in color. It is characteristically moisture-proof and can take the wear and tear admirably due to that. With its natural twists and swirls, the wood proves to be a beauty and oozes a decorative feel to the ambiance.  It is given a glossy surface to achieve that and is an ideal living room choice where it will enhance the aesthetics. This wood can mimic cherry and mahogany with wood-staining.


It is a premium wood which is immensely expensive. It is a hardwood material that is mostly seen in a dark brown and red tint. Mahogany matures with age and retains a gloss that comes with aging. One thing minus about the wood is it can easily gather dust and will need frequent cleaning or dusting. It is costly wood because it is rare in the native environment and is always imported from foreign countries. The shipping and handling add to the cost thus becoming expensive but is worth investing in as it has a long life.


Oak is most popular as a furniture material and is sought after by people who want stylish-looking furniture made of quality wood. This is a grainy wood and is covered with lines, shapes, and marks and is known for its brown and blonde tint. The wood is hard-wearing but is easy to cut and slice and the wood is sought after because of its grain effect. It comes under the category of hardwood hence it is expensive. It grows slowly and matures into fine wood which is sturdy. The cost is driven by the fact that it takes a lot of time to grow and mature.


Walnut is used for crafting top pick furniture such as dining tables and mantels. It comes in different hues and could be in chocolate brown, and dark chocolate colors. It is a costly wood but strong wood and you can carve exquisite designs from the wood as it allows you to do so. The wood is good for making cabinets, center tables, and side tables, etc. 


This fast-growing wood and it is cheaper than other woods and comes in lightweight. It is either in white brown or light yellowish color and it can be painted to suit the ambiance well. Pinewood is used for flooring material. It ages quite slowly and does not shrink or expand with weather, discoloration, or swelling. However it is not as durable as oak or maple. 

Metal furniture

After the wood metal is the most popular and made furniture material. It is long-lasting and durable and never shows any state of distortion or deterioration. With proper maintenance and occasional painting the furniture can last for a long and will never rust. It is flame-resistant, much harder than wood, and easy to work with. Metal furniture is cheaper than wood as steel is cheaper and abundantly available. It is also one of the most affordable furniture Miami and can fit into any economy. 

These above-mentioned two materials are the most used for furniture making. But you can also count furniture materials like glass, vinyl or plastic, bamboo, wrought iron, and more. 

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