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Ways To Completely Revamp Your Custom Packaging Boxes

You may be noticing that your packaging is failing in fulfilling its purposes. If this is so, you may be designing it wrong. A brand may simply want to change its custom box packaging to give customers a new and unique experience. If this is the case, it is possible to revamp your packaging allowing it to be unique and stand out in front of the competition. It can also keep your product protected.

The following are 11 ways to revamp your packaging:

Design to attract consumers

You can buy boxes in bulk that are designed to attract the target audience. If you have not done your research before and are not focused on this aspect, the boxes may not be attracting the right customers. These are those who want to buy the product.

When you know the age range, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of the consumer base, the boxes can be designed that appeal to them. For example, packaging for kids can be bright, fun, colorful. Cartoon images can be included on it.

Keep product in mind

The features of the product need to be kept in mind as well. Boxes Inc or some supplier may help you out. For example, food items need to be put in boxes that are made from a material that does not have harmful chemicals in it.

If the product is a sensitive one, the filler material may need to be placed in the box to keep it safe.

Make strong

The box design may be such that it is not keeping the product safe. Choose different packaging material that is strong and which can keep your items secure.

Materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft are helpful here. They can package different items and can give you strong boxes that will probably not break easily. The material is safe as well.

Right size

Packaging size is important if you want to protect the product and save money. Custom packaging boxes can be gotten. The product is measured and the right size box made.

Size is important as a box that is too large can make the product move around. This can damage it. A box too small can break.

Select shape carefully

The shape of custom box packaging matters as well. You may want to get a unique shaped box that can stand out. Do this only if the safety of your product is not compromised in any way.

A new shape box can stand out and attract when it keeps the product secure as well.

Details on packaging

Reconsider the details you include on the packaging. Only include those details on the box that are needed. You may have boxes that include too many or too few details.

When you buy boxes in bulk, find out what should be included in them according to what your product is. For example, if you are selling a food item, you can state the ingredients and nutritional information, manufacturing, and expiry date, warnings, quantity, weight, flavor, etc.

Special features of your product

On custom size boxes you can also include those points which make your product better than the competition. This can encourage people to want to try it out.

It is important to be truthful here. A skincare product may be dermatologically-tested, for instance. It can have natural ingredients that are good for the skin. A food item may have ingredients that are good for health.

If the brand has any deals and discounts these should be included on packaging as well. They make people want to try the item.


The font that you use to include the information on packaging is important. When figuring out box designs, keep this in mind.

The font should be a readable one. Its color must not confuse as well. The size should be able to be read carefully as well. Choose one that is interesting so that it is read.

Increase brand awareness

Boxes Inc and others should be able to increase brand awareness. If you do not get your business established in the market, many people will not even know about it.

To increase brand awareness, a business must include a logo on the custom box packaging. The logo gives it a professional look and helps customers recognize which products are from your brand.

Also include the contact details of the brand on the packaging. This will be the physical address, phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc.

Select right box style

When you go to buy boxes in bulk you will see that there are different style ones available. Select the one best suited to what you are selling.

For example, if you want the product to be able to be seen as this will encourage people to want to get it, you can choose window box designs. The transparent window helps one see the product.

You can get pillow boxes, Chinese takeout boxes, gable boxes, etc.

Make packaging attract

Custom size boxes should be designed in such a way that they attract. They must be able to stand out in front of the competition.

Look at trends in the packaging of your product so that you can get ideas. You can also see what the competition has done. Follow trends whilst creating something unique.

Choose colors, designs, images, carefully. Boxes Inc should consider color psychology so that you can know what different colors signify.

A brand can change custom box packaging by following certain tips. Do your research properly before designing these so that you know who your consumer base is and what your product needs from packaging. Create a strong box that will be able to handle any pressures being put on it. Choose materials that are sustainable allowing your brand to be seen as a responsible one.

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