Project Free TV

What is Project Free TV? Is it Legal?

Project Free TV (PFTV) is among the most well-known and popular online streaming sites that let users stream TV and films online or download their favorite shows to watch later. PFTV is the longest-running video streaming website of its kind. However, it is today. Many websites are accessible that offer similar services. It isn’t responsible for copyright-infringed content that can be found on third-party hosting websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, or other streaming sites online. The owner of the copyrights submitted several petitions to block the services offered by PFTV, and the PFTV website has been shut down within the United Kingdom since November 2013.

How does Free Project TV work?

To stream video content on Netflix and Amazon, you must pay for a Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription account. However, PFTV is free. FPTV will direct you to a different website on which your original content is located and should have been streamed using a web-based player at no cost.

Type of videos that you can watch via Free Project TV:

  1. Latest and Old TV Shows
  2. Web Series
  3. Newly Release Movies

Is it Legal?

Relax and enjoy your favorite TV shows with Free Project TV. It is impossible to be penalized for watching illegal films or shows on among the top video streaming platforms.

It’s illegal to upload content with copyright without permission. However, what FTV does is legal. In a way, that’s because PFTV is a Video search engine and not a full-time video hosting site.

It is legal to stream illegal content on your computer, as you’re watching your stream in privacy. However, if you publicly show your content or profit from it, this is not legal. In all circumstances, downloading is a crime and punishable in certain countries worldwide.

Free project TV offers only a streaming link and not downloading. So, everything you’re doing on PFTV is legal, and you don’t have to worry about fines and penalties for watching videos on the internet.

Best Alternate for Project Free TV

1. Tubi Tv

The most effective alternative for Project Free TV might not be an expensive subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime subscription but a free American streaming service known as Tubi TV. It offers numerous television shows and films which will keep viewers entertained.

But there’s a catch. As it’s free, a few drawbacks must be considered. Commercial ads can annoy you before and during the event, and there’s no method to eliminate them from your credit cards to get rid of them. You’ll find nothing in the way of release but not much in providing engaging content.

It is possible to access Tubi via the internet or native apps that can be downloaded from the apps store and play store for Android and IOS, respectively. Tubi is also accessible on gaming consoles, such as those on the PlayStation and the XBOX.

You’ll have to sign in unless you’re watching certain mature content or some services such as restarting material that was not completed before. Tubi offers greater than 50.000 titles that are partnered together with Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz. You won’t be bored.

2. Tv Player

The concept of watching television on your phone is not a new idea today. TV player is available in two versions: free and paid. You’ll get 75 channels with the free version, including Bloomberg, CNN, and Spike. Shell out 6 EUR and you can enjoy 30 additional tracks, including Lifetime, MTV, History, and Eurosport.

However, spending the money is not worth it as the Netflix essential subscription gives you more than this cost. If you’d like to stream the channels for free, you must use the TV Player app.

3. KissAsian

If you love watching Korean dramas, KissAsian can be the ideal recommendation in this article. It is a great way to take in Korean dramas and Asian content in general, including Taiwan movies and series. The best part is that you’ll be able to watch it with English subtitles.

The interface is very simple to use and won’t cause any issues when watching. Most shows from countries such as Japan, China, and Korea can be watched easily. 2840 TV shows focus on Asian drama. It is not necessary to disable your ad blocker for KissAsian.

While it boasts a massive selection of movies and shows, some of them are without legal copyrights, thereby making the creators pay the cash they deserve. If you’re an Asian fan, you will find the most suitable alternative for you.

4. Stream2watch

If you’re primarily focused on sports, this might be your ideal free option. It’s an online site streaming live sports broadcasts such as cycling, badminton, basketball, and even games that aren’t widely played, such as darts, handball, etc.

Two main features are live broadcasts and Live TV. While the Live sports channel broadcasts the content mentioned above, the other one, called Live TV, offers live sports streaming worldwide. At present, you can stream more than 400 streams on Live TV channels.

The best part is that everything comes at the lowest cost and guarantees high-end quality.

5. YouTube

What is the best way to not forget YouTube as a streaming video service! Many of you are already using the app. However, if you’re looking for the most effective alternatives for Project Free Tv, it is time to re-enter the world of YouTube. You might not be able to discover TV shows or live broadcasts as you expect. If you’re using PFTV to watch videos, YouTube is the best option.

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Final Thoughts

You should be aware of Project Free TV, and you should be mindful of the top Project Free TV alternatives for streaming videos that will be available in 2022. The good news is that you have many options to explore instead of Project Free TV, even though some don’t cost anything. In contrast, others will, depending on the options you choose. It is based on your personal preferences and the amount of money you’re willing to spend.