Which Is Better: Online Lab Test Or Offline Lab Test?

Lab tests need to be done to diagnose the reason behind the symptoms you are having. Doctors recommend medications and other treatment options according to the test results. The lab tests are often done after collecting the blood sample or urine samples of patients. Nowadays, you can buy lab tests online. But the question remains if online lab tests are accurate. Find out by going through this article. 

How Do Online Lab Tests Work? 

lab tests online app can be a great option for your comfort at your home. A phlebotomist will visit your home to collect the blood or urine sample. For blood tests, a phlebotomist will draw blood quickly in a painless manner. In case of urine tests, the patient needs to fill up the container provided by the phlebotomist. 

The samples are then taken to the diagnostic lab to determine the results. Later on, the reports of the tests can be accessed online. It is also possible to obtain a physical copy of the reports if you want to. You need to share the reports with your doctor so that proper treatment can be provided. 

Are Online Lab Tests Safe? 

You must be wondering if online lab tests are safe as compared to offline lab tests. Take a look at some factors that make online lab tests safe. 

  1.     Phlebotomist Training

Phlebotomists gain one year of training to become efficient at what they do. They are taught how to draw blood samples from veins. They are medically trained professionals who will arrive at your doorstep to collect samples for your lab test. 

  1.     Covid-19 Safety Measures

 The phlebotomists maintain all safety precautions related to Covid-19. They wear masks all the time and sanitize their hands from time to time. They wear fresh gloves for every collection. After each collection is over, the phlebotomists dispose of their gloves. Moreover, they keep track of their body temperature. They ensure that the syringes, cotton balls, or any other waste products are not left behind at your place. 

  1.     Standard Safety Measures

Apart from the Covid-19 specific measures, phlebotomists also follow some basic hygiene and safety measures. They use a new collection kit for every patient to provide safety at the highest level. If you possess a fear of needles, they will ask about it and look for strange reactions in patients. As online tests take place at your home, there is no risk of contracting any infectious disease from other patients. 

  1.     Careful Handling Of The Test Samples

The phlebotomists ensure that the test samples collected from a patient are handled carefully. The samples are stored maintaining protocols until they are transported to the diagnostic lab. For instance, some blood samples are stored in iceboxes to ensure there is no degeneration of quality. All the samples are barcoded and labeled with your name to avoid mix-ups. 

  1.     Accuracy

You might wonder if online tests provide accurate results. There is no difference in terms of accuracy between online lab tests and offline lab tests. The samples are diagnosed at the same place, no matter if it’s from the offline collection or online collection. There will be no inconsistencies in the results as they will be certified by a pathologist. 

You might feel a little nervous while reading the online test reports. But your doctor will be able to correctly analyze the results, even if it’s from online lab tests. Look at online resources to check if the parameters of safety have been maintained by the plebotomologist while collecting your samples. 

Key Difference Between Online Lab Tests And Offline Lab Tests 

Online lab tests do not require you to wait at the clinic. In the home collection, a lot of conveniences are found. You need to choose the nearest clinic for offline lab tests. But in the case of online lab tests, you can choose the service of any pathology lab. Home testing also prevents you from getting any infectious virus from other patients. But online lab tests have some limitations. Diagnostic tests like X Rays, Ultrasonography, and CT scans can only be done through offline mode.

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Closing Thoughts 

Online lab tests are more convenient than going to the clinic in person. Choose a reliable lab test online app to get your diagnosis done. 

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