Why Choose Batten Screens For Home?

People have a lot to think about when it comes to the interior of the house. But not most people have anything in particular when it comes to the exterior. But this is not what the timber look cladding supplier has to say. Apart from cladding, there are various types of screens that not only you can add to the exterior of the home but also in various aspects of the interior too.

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One such screen is the aluminium batten screens, people may think to opt for timber instead but what if you get the durability of the aluminium along with the look of the timber? This way you get to add more benefits to it than opting for just the timber batten screens. 

timber look cladding supplier


Aluminium battens on interior ceilings and walls add more texture and uniqueness to the space. When these screens are spaced closely together they hide the framework or backing of interior walls or ceilings improving and enhancing the look. These screens offer character and warmth to a conventional concrete or brick courtyard when used outside. All of these with an option to choose the colours that suit your home and your personality the most. 

  • Better for privacy

Battens screens are the perfect addition to enhance privacy. The width and spacing of the battens will influence how much amount of privacy the battens screen provide; essentially, less space and wider battens equal more privacy. Especially, if you are among the one who puts the privacy of the family moments first.

 You can install a series of horizontal aluminium battens enclosing the front entrance. This way, from the street, the battens obstruct the view of the stairs without obstructing the entering natural light.

Is it Stress Buster?

Essential oils are everywhere these days. They not only make your home smell like a dream but they can also be used as stress-relievers. And prevent other health issues like allergies and asthma. One of the best ways to use essential oils is with an essential oil diffuser. There are many types of diffusers, each with its own specific benefits for your needs and desires.

Essential oil diffusers are a convenient and affordable way to add a bit of fragrance to your home. They create a pleasant scent that you can enjoy throughout the day. Instead of burning candles or incense, essential oils can help you breathe easier and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Types of Diffusers

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser helps to break up air pollutants such as dust and smog. Essential oils and fragrances, in general, can help with headaches, improving moods, relieving stress and feelings of anxiety, boosting immunity.

Electric Oil Diffuser

There are many different types of electric diffusers that can help you easily fill your home with natural aromas. The ReNe-Maurice-electric oil diffuser is a widely demanded product. This beautiful set of Led lights offers 7 soothing colors. The cycle of colors can be fixed to one favorite color with a dim and brighter option. This Led light set is soft to the touch. By using advanced technology, this electric Diffuser creates vibrations 2.4 million times per second to break essential oils and water into very fine particles.

  • Light Control

Battens can assist regulate the amount of natural light that enters your home space; just like privacy and visibility, the spacing will influence how much is let in or shut out. A spiral staircase is enclosed in this terrace by aluminium battens is an excellent option if you have a spiral staircase. The battens allow for a sense of transparency, openness, and visual connection while limiting the quantity of natural light that enters.

  • Energy Efficiency 

Battens screens deflect sunlight and reduce heat gain by eliminating the chances of direct sun exposure. These screens are more like a protective shield that is keeping your interior space from getting the direct heat of the sun. This way the temperature of the home could be regulated without having to use more amount of energy. Less energy use means, more energy conserved and fewer utility bills. 

  • Visibility 

While the battens are set far enough apart to allow light to pass through from the front entry, the residents inside can still look through to the front garden. Battens can also be utilised as light and view-blocking room separators or partitions. 

It is time to provide a thought about installing aluminium batten screens in the exteriors of the home that not only add more value but are also functional in many ways.