Why is Gaming PC Much Better Than A Laptop?

Gaming is one of the best ways to keep yourself occupied and entertained. People who are in love with gaming, the games will always prefer to play them on bigger screens instead of playing them on smaller screens. And now comes a question that how exactly big screen computer can be? Yes! People all over the world would definitely go for good sized monitors if they want to feel better while playing their games. But there are some people who have very less amount of money and when it comes to buying new things like monitor or a best gaming PC 2022, then they cannot afford any costly stuff. So here comes an ordinary person’s equation…

They want – A Good-Sized Monitor/PC

They can afford – Can’t Afford Anything Costly

This is the problem which may be faced by many people who are passionate about gaming. But this should not go wrong because there is always a way out to everything in this world and that too at the same place from where all problems originate… Yes! I am talking about internet. Internet was made to solve all of your problems right? So what better than searching for solutions on internet itself? If you are also thinking like me then I want you to read this article till the end as here, I have listed four best reasons pertaining to why gaming PC is much better than a laptop for playing games.

1 – Bigger Screen Size

The very first and foremost reason behind the preference of gaming PC over laptops is bigger screen size. If you are a passionate gamer then I am sure for you bigger screen size equates to better gaming experience. For playing any game on an ordinary laptop, you need to open the lid and keep it on your lap or else nearby table etc., but when it comes to playing games in big screens, then the need of keeping PC open is reduced which helps us save some space as well. The bigger the screen size you have, more will be your gaming experience with better graphics quality as well.

2 – Expensive Looking Console

Nowadays there are many kinds of games available on internet wherein most of them are free to play and they also provide money making opportunities as well like getting real money via completing offers etc. From developers of these games, you can earn money by playing their games. But when it comes to earning something from online gaming then appearance is equally important as gameplay which means you cannot simply choose anyone’s game and play on it without looking into its appearance.

The case would be different if you are playing your favorite game i.e., GTA (GTA V) or PUBG etc., but in case of online free-to-play games, things will be very different as all the people are coming there for earning money via completing offers etc., so they want a PC/console which looks different than ordinary ones because in that way they can attract more players to their site who may get tempted with their apperance and later start playing on their sites.

And if you are thinking that you can simply download the game and then open it on any PC then let me tell you something… Yes! You may do so but as far as earning money through these kinds of games is concerned, there is no shortcut in this matter because all the people who will be playing on your PC/console must install their games (which most probably need Facebook login) etc., So to achieve this thing now what’s left with you? To use gaming PC or not? The answer is quite obvious, right?

3 – Customization And Personalization

Mostly free-to-play online games are made in such a way that they keep track of all users playing them so that they can show them advertisements or something else as well. So here comes the question of customization and personalization. If you are looking for a gaming PC which will help you achieve this thing then buy gaming PC as it is much better than laptops in terms of customizing and personalizing it because people nowadays want to do customization so that they can enhance their personality, but when we talk about laptops then there lies very less chance of customization and personalization in these devices.

4 – Bigger Hard Disk Space For Storage

And last but not least… Gaming PCs offer more hard disk space when compared to any laptop because with bigger hard disk space, users will be able to store all games on same device without any kind of trouble. As when you are playing games on any laptop then there is more chance of facing slowdowns because due to the small hard disk data will be loaded every time when you switch from one game to another thus resulting in lagging and slow movements. But gaming PC offers bigger storage space, so it remains unaffected by this matter as far as its performance is concerned.


Hence if you have planned to buy a PC (laptop or not) for playing your favorite games then I would suggest you take a look at this article and use these reasons i.e., why gaming PC is better than laptops for playing games. You can compare them with your requirements and after deciding which one will suit you most, just go ahead with purchase without worrying about anything else.

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