Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2021 Written Update: Surekha Offend Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2021 Written Update: Surekha Offend Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update, The Episode begins with the family amazing Sirat. They all applaud. She asks what’s this. Kartik says invite Sirat to the Asian boxing title. She asks how. Arvind says you have dominated the passing game, you recall the punch you had hit the adversary prior to leaving. FB shows Arvind converses with the alliance men. He says Sirat has won, she has gone to offer blood to her significant other, his activity is going on, she left for a veritable explanation. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2021 Written Update

FB closes. Arvind says I called to tell this to Sirat, however she didn’t reply.

She says sorry, I figured you will admonish. He says OK, you need to rehearse. Suwarna says Kartik got fine, we should make a crown and furthermore a woodwind. Dadi says OK, I will give numerous things. Kartik says I have everybody to take care of me, however the nation simply has one Sirat, you need to get this prize. He says its our festivals, open the gift quick. He checks and sees I love you Sirat composed on it. She says I love you too Kartik. He says in the event that I m not there with you in the match, my affection will be there. She says you will be there to see my SketchUp. He gets punched. She says sorry. She kisses him.

He sits hurt. She says sorry, who requested that you sentiment, have drugs and rest. Surekha says Mansi has sent toys and garments for our family kids. Suwarna says fine, I will send these stuff to the ashram, then, at that point, I will come, you can likewise part with things. Surekha says I have checked things well. She says Mansi is calling me, I will get later or you request that somebody get it. She goes. Suwarna asks how is Kartik. Sirat says he took drugs and left. Suwarna requests that she get the case from Surekha’s room, its for the ashram. Sirat misunderstands the case. Dadi and Suwarna send the cases. Dadi implores.

Kairav converses with Akshu. Sirat comes and applauds him.

She says you are my closest companion, my strain closes when you are with me, you dealt with me when Aarohi was conceived, I m sure that you will deal with them when I m not there. He inquire as to is there any good reason why you won’t be there. Surekha and Suwarna come to see Mansi’s gifts. Surekha says this is the ashram box, where is Mansi’s container. Suwarna says gracious, did the container get traded accidentally. Surekha asks whom did you send. Suwarna says Sirat. Sirat says I might head off to some place far for work, you are a resilient man, see this arm band when you miss me, I will consistently be there for you. They embrace. Surekha yells Sirat. Sirat proceeds to ask what occurred, Kartik is dozing, he might get upset. Surekha yells on her. She says this is ashram box, Mansi has sent gifts, Sirat is a dolt to send that crate to ashram, she has demolished her cash and difficult work.

Sirat says sorry, I didn’t have a clue. Surekha gets some information about ashram box. Sirat says sorry, I didn’t think about this container. Suwarna says its my slip-up, I additionally didn’t check and sent the container. Sirat says sorry, we can fix this, I will call the ashram and get the crate back. Surekha says you discover opportunities to affront us. She reproves Sirat.

Dadi asks Surekha not to do this show now. Akhilesh says OK, perhaps the ashram kids had that in destiny, think Mansi has given it away. Surekha says all of you support her and affront me. She affronts Sirat. Kartik is resting. Dadi says enough, assuming you are the bahu of this house, Sirat is additionally our bahu. Surekha contends. Sirat requests that Surekha stop it, she did an error however unconsciously, she can’t insult on her status and family. Surekha says you did everything unwittingly, you met Kartik, became hopelessly enamored, wedded him and joined boxing unconsciously, you did everything.

Sirat says you are saying I arranged this, I m attempting to adjust family and boxing, you generally affront me, why, Mukesh additionally didn’t insult me, you likewise insult me on my childhood, is this your childhood to affront somebody’s childhood. Dadi reprimands her. Surekha says she resembles her mum, rude and modest. Suwarna yells enough. Kartik awakens. Suwarna reprimands Surekha. He says who is yelling. He dozes back. Surekha says you generally support her, not me. Suwarna says we will not help you for wrong. Surekha says Sheela came here and had taken the bangles on account of her, Kartik is in this state due to Mukesh, its her misstep, she has that modest blood. Sirat asks what’s my misstep, I m not identified with them, for what reason do you insult me.

She cries and says I feel sorry for your reasoning. Suwarna says quiet down Sirat, you don’t have to say anything. Surekha says Suwarna is clarifying her with affection when she is getting out of hand with me, I will not converse with you. She goes. Sirat says sorry Dadi. Dadi says end this matter here, we will converse with Surekha when her displeasure quiets down.