Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update the episode begins with Gayu taking Aarohi with her. Dadi asks Sirat how did this occur. Sirat says I needed to tell Akshu, yet not thusly, Sheela did this. Manish blows up and says Sheela didn’t extra us and you till now, Akshu would be so vexed. Suwarna and Dadi say she had come to converse with us. Sirat asks how might I converse with her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update  Suwarna says have boldness, you can’t lose, I realize Akshu became more acquainted with this wrongly.

However you need to deal with her. Surekha says OK, we will deal with Aarohi. Sirat says I will converse with Akshu. Akshu cries and says why didn’t everyone let me in on that Sirat is my stepmum, is this family not mine, no, this can’t happen, who is my mumma.. Sirat comes and brings Naira’s pic. She says this is your mumma. Akshu says its you. Sirat says no, she is Naira, your genuine mumma, face is same, yet we are unique.

Akshu asks where does she stay, for what reason didn’t we meet her. Sirat says she lives in the sky, did you see that sparkling star, that is your mumma. Akshu cries.

Sirat says we committed an error by concealing this from you and Aarohi, I will let you know the whole truth. Aarohi says its so tragic that Naira passed on, Akshu would be miserable. Suwarna says Sirat will come clean with her. Aarohi asks is our father our own. Akhilesh says OK, they are your mum and father, Naira was his first spouse. Aarohi asks how did mum and father meet. Sirat says Naira made us meet across Kairav.

Akshu asks does Kairav know it all. Sirat says he got me in this house, I got a connection with you when I took you in arms interestingly, all relations aren’t of blood, we pick a few relations, similar to our connection. Akshu inquires as to for what reason didn’t he tell me. Sirat says he was reasonable to see, however you were youthful, we didn’t need you and Aarohi to feel any distinction.

Akshu says enlighten me concerning my mumma. Sirat says I will tell you and make you meet her. Aarohi says Sirat is only my mumma, Kairav and Akshu’s mum was unique. Manish says OK, yet presently Sirat is mum for you three, recall this. Aarohi gestures and says Akshu is miserable, I will proceed to meet her. Sirat acclaims Naira a ton. She says your name Akshara is kept on your Nani’s name, Naira would be so cheerful today, she remains in our souls as a decent memory, as a holy messenger, she will remain in your heart likewise, nobody can make her away from you.

Akshu sees Naira’s pics. Sirat says no connection is a stage connection from one side, I won’t ever respect you a stepdaughter, we are mother and girl, I can’t become like your mumma, yet my affection and childhood won’t need.

Aarohi says our father is normal, mum can be normal as well, she adores us a great deal. Sirat says I will adore my children similarly, Kairav and you turned into my life, you will consistently be my senior girl. Akshu says mumma… Sirat requests that she say it once more, did she say it by heart. Akshu says mumma, I told it by my heart. Sirat embraces her and cries.

She says you resemble Naira mumma by face and heart, you will be my mumma consistently. Sirat embraces her and says you are my life, my generally reasonable and beautiful Akshu. Aarohi looks on. Akshu says I became acquainted with about my mumma, she is in the sky, she remains as a star, she gives me favors.
They say you will not go anyplace. Sirat says I will not go, rest now, I will sing Naira’s cradlesong. She sings and makes them rest. Its morning, Dadi says its your childhood that Akshara is so reasonable, she comprehended it well. Sirat says OK, she resembles Naira, she didn’t break connection with me. Manish says Akshara has Naira’s blood, so she is reasonable, your mum has no disgrace in this age. Suwarna says everything got fine.

Manish asks what will occur on the off chance that she comes here, what’s the assurance that she won’t come here. Sirat says I will not allow this to occur. He says we have consistently given her cash, what does she need, are you to blame, you adjusted your family and profession, you were unable to deal with your mum.

Sirat says I broke relations with her. Manish says I lament, you possibly great, yet your family will in any case be that modest individuals, you were unable to delete the modest impact of your family, both the young ladies will get a similar childhood, however not a similar blood.

Akhilesh says no, their inclination will be same. Manish says blood consistently shows its tones. Aarohi and Akshu look on. Aarohi inquires as to for what reason are you saying this to my mumma.

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