10 Reasons Why The New Generation Can’t Live Without Smartphones

Cell phones have become an integral part of our life. New applications and features make it impossible to live without them. As a result, smartphones have become more of an addiction, and this technology has become a requirement for survival. As per analysis, 84% of the people can’t spend a day without using their phones. According to research, one out of five cellphone users check their phone every ten seconds.


New generation uses smartphones to communicate with one another who either live near or far away from them. Smartphones make it easy to stay connected, which was not that easy in the past when the telephone was the means of communication—that is why the new generation can’t live without their smartphones.


Navigation is one of the most compelling features among various features of smartphones. A new generation is facing directional and geographical challenges; smartphones might be handy from which you can take a guide for your destination. The smartphone will provide instant directions and notify you in reaching your goal timely. 

It also suggests the most suitable route based on the traffic conditions at the given point in time. It also selects an option that is convenient for your mode of travel, such as walking, two-wheelers, or car. 

Social media

In the present age, smartphone users can easily keep in touch with their friends and family through social media applications. Thus exchanging information and forming relationships have dramatically transformed. Among various apps, some of the famous ones you might use daily are Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. These apps are handy and easily accessible from smartphones, contrary to using them on the computer in the past. Ease in using social media might be one of the reasons why the new generation sticks to their smartphones.


Smartphones widely replaced big DSLR cameras people used to carry in the past as smartphones have built-in cameras, making it very convenient to take pictures. You can record your moments as much as you want using your phone camera. In addition, taking and sharing photos on social media has all been made possible due to this technology. That is why it is hard for a new generation to live without their smartphones.


It is far easier to Work on cell phones as smartphones have evolved into mini computers. The new generation prefers features like handy, quick, and straightforward, enabling them to work on their phones anywhere. Therefore users can check their email, take their notes and collaborate with their team on the go.

Online shopping

There is an increase in shopping through smartphones because the new generation has less time to go to the market to buy physically. So they prefer online shopping via cellphone as they don’t need to switch on the computer to buy something. Moreover, smartphone apps make tracking your package easier while making calls.


The smartphone is more portable than a laptop or computer. Playing games on a smartphone is a way of alleviating boredom. It improves hand-eye coordination and user reaction time.

Calendar and alarms

The smartphone might help you organise yourself by offering apps like the calendar app and allowing you to view your appointments and alarms anywhere. You can create multiple reminders and assignments and view them anytime. You cannot live without a smartphone since it enables you to manage yourself easily.

Office apps

You can work on the fly using office apps like word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint, etc. Smartphones help you do your tasks anywhere. However, it isn’t easy to take out a laptop anywhere. For example, travel while attempting to maintain balance is very inconvenient. Similarly, one might view the presentation on a smartphone while going to the office to check any inaccurate material making your life easy. 


Mostly apps such as office and shopping apps, maps, and social media will be effective if you connect these to the internet. Smartphones provide ease in searching for information by using data or wifi connections. It might help you complete your homework without going through various books in the library as in past generations.


You can efficiently multitask your tasks using your smartphone. Keeping in mind the phone’s RAM, you can run various errands simultaneously. Multitasking through smartphones has higher prospects as the new generation has to do lots of work in the minimum amount of time. That is why the new generation can’t live without a smartphone.

After seeing all these features, it is very clear why the new generation can not live without their smartphones. The unmistakable fact is that smartphones increase the productivity of an average person. So you will see how people in this generation buy an equally good smartphone as soon as the first one is damaged, stolen or obsolete.

These are some reasons which make the new generation can’t live without smartphones.