iPhone Screen Repair

What Makes iPhone Screen Repair so Expensive?

With the proliferation of smartphone users having discarded their devices, a cracked mobile phone screen could cost a fortune. We are investigating the cost of repairing the phone screen and whether you can afford to be insured.

Cost of iPhone Screen Repair

While some may say that the iPhone screen repair is very expensive, unfortunately, phone providers know they have a captive audience. There are cheaper options out there. But unfortunately, if you want to repair a cracked screen without compromising your warranty, you will have no choice but to ask Apple to repair it yourself. And if you go to Apple, the cost of repairing your iPhone screen can be over £ 136 – and up to £ 286 for broken iPhone screen repair on the new iPhone X model, though this is constantly changing. Can you earn that much money in a short notice?

Let’s discuss why it is so expensive and how it can be tackled intelligently.

People Love Branded Things

Like many things in the wonderful world of shopping, people often rely on well-known companies. Given this, many are hesitant to risk giving away their favorite phone to a local store who say we can successfully replace your phone screen with a fraction of the price you can pay with official exchanges for major brands like Apple and Samsung. Yes, some small stores can offer this service at a very affordable price, but this is not the norm. Many local exchange tasks can lead to a number of problems, such as poor balance, screen adjustment, and more. Therefore, you can give your local store a chance, as you will not be coughing up a large amount of money. But be aware of the dangers involved. It is also worth remembering that legitimate manufacturers, such as Apple, will use your phone in many tests after installing your screen to make sure it works properly, and local, or small, replacement services may be less polluting.


For a long time, phone manufacturers used something called an LCD, or liquid crystal display, on their phone screens. Recently, however, this has changed. A few years ago, Samsung announced the invention of something called OLED, or an organic-emitting diode display. Without going into too much detail, the OLED screen can produce its own light per pixel, while the LCD screen relies on filtered background light. Different people have different choices between the two, but, when it comes to it, OLED is more expensive. Therefore, the type of phone you have also directly affects the price of screen replacement. If you have an old phone, say iPhone 5, you will pay a little to replace it because you have an LCD display, rather than an OLED. Most of the new phones you will find in the market today use an OLED display, so you may need to be patient and carry a price change if you are looking for a modern device.

The cost of Repairing a Samsung Phone

The story of Samsung users with cracked phone screens is no different! Samsung phone upgrades start at £ 99.99 for the older model, up to £ 280 for the latest models like the Galaxy S9 +. A little cheaper than repairing an iPhone screen perhaps, but not so much. Also, it is important to remember that these prices are always changing, so it is a good idea to keep up-to-date with your research. Consider whether you need Samsung phone insurance to give yourself that extra peace of mind that, in the unlikely event of an accident and you face a broken cell phone screen, you will be able to repair it with minimal difficulty and at very low cost relying on Samsung directly.

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Broken mobile Screen Repair – A way to cover costs

If you do not have insurance, a cracked phone screen is undoubtedly a cost you can make without it. So what would you do? Another option is to go for another Samsung or iPhone screen repair provider, as there are several available throughout the UK. But even though they may be able to repair a broken phone screen, unfortunately if there are other problems that have been caused by sensitive parts behind the screen, they may not be able to see and it is unlikely that they will be able to fix it. The problem comes when these additional errors cause the phone to malfunction – the fact that you did not go to the device developer could cost you and invalidate your warranty, which means you may incur additional costs. People often consider it a great risk to go to uncontrolled mechanics. Depending on the age of your phone you will need to measure the cost of screen repair compared to buying a new device. iPhone Screen Repair is more costly than Samsung so you should consider these things before buying a new device.