Hot Springs in the United States

6 Best Hot Springs in the United States

Nothing is more soothing to a tired body and soul than soaking in the geo-thermally heated waters of natural hot springs. Isn’t this the kind of relaxing experience you would hanker for after a very long day of sightseeing in the USA? We knew it, and so here we are with a list of the 6 best hot springs in the US. Whether you opt for a fully indulgent experience at lavish retreats built around these naturally formed hot pools, or you want to keep it simple and secluded with a dip in the thermal pool that sprung up in a scenic locale, we have got you covered. Read on!

Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska:

Imagine drinking in the views of the Northern Lights while soaking in the warm waters of a hot spring. You need to book flights to the US and head to Chena Hot Springs Resort in Alaska for this dreamy experience. Located 60 miles northeast of Fairbanks, this hot spring in the US is quite popular among tourists who wish to see the Northern Lights.

Chena Hot Springs Resort offers an outdoor hot spring for adults and indoor heated pools for all ages. Visitors seek respite from the bone-chilling winter in Alaska by enjoying a dip in this hot spring. Other tourist attractions at the resort include an ice bar and an Aurora Ice Museum that houses stunning ice sculptures.

Hot Springs State Park, Wyoming:

A relaxing dip in the hot springs after hours of hiking scenic trails feels like heaven, doesn’t it? Hot Springs State Park, situated only a few hours from the very famous Yellowstone National Park, has both hiking trails and thermal pools. The public bathhouse of Hot Springs State Park has indoor and outdoor pools fed by the area’s mineral hot springs. Keep an eye out for bison that roam freely in this area, and enjoy the 104-degree waters for free!

Glenwood Hot Springs, Colorado:

Boasting the world’s largest mineral hot springs pool, Glenwood Hot Springs in the US is a favorite among outdoor lovers for the sheer number of exciting activities it offers them. The mineral-rich waters of the giant pool (sourced from the nearby springs) provide many wellness benefits like relieving body aches, improving skin health, boosting blood circulation, etc. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, golfing, etc., and then treat your tired muscles with a relaxing dip in the therapeutic waters of this hot pool. You can also opt for a wellness treatment at its luxury spa.

Castle Hot Springs, Arizona:

Situated at the base of the Bradshaw Mountains, Castle Hot Springs resort is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend time reconnecting with yourself and nature. The geothermally heated natural pools set in the beautiful desert landscape offer a great soaking experience and revive your soul. You need to be a registered guest at the Castle Hot Springs resort to be able to access these secluded hot springs. Guests can also enjoy a variety of activities ranging from pickleball, archery, and horseback rides to farm tours and guided hikes.

Travertine Hot Springs, California:

Located near Bridgeport in California, Travertine Hot Springs offer stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. This group of geothermal mineral springs is among the most famous hot springs in the US. Easy to access and free to use, these rustic pools are lined by rocks bathed in shades of red, green, and orange (due to the action of mineral-rich waters). Travertine Hot Springs is also a popular pitstop for travelers taking the 395 Highway road trip. It is a clothing-optional spot, so it is not uncommon to come across nude folks here.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado:

A 19th-century ghost town nestled in an alpine valley in the San Juan Mountains, Dunton Hot Springs has been converted into a luxury resort that offers extraordinary accommodation. One of the best hot springs in the US, Dunton Hot Springs offers five different soaking options for guests. The area’s hot springs feed Dunton’s pools, and one can choose to enjoy these mineral-rich waters inside a restored 19th-century bathhouse or under the stars at the outdoor pool or at the natural pool that overlooks the nearby Delores River.

Now that you know of the best hot springs in the US, all that’s left is planning a trip and booking flight tickets. For the best deals on international flights, visit Indian Eagle.