How are Customized Popcorn Boxes Special for your Business?

Are you confuse about choosing the right popcorn boxes for your business? Then, no need to be stressed; this article helps you to understand the importance of packaging to pack your aromatic popcorns. The enchanting popcorn boxes help you to protect your popcorns and maintain the quality as it is to serve in front of your end-users. In our industry, we see the use of traditional popcorns boxes, but the recent trend that rules the industry is customization.

Conventional Popcorn Packaging vs. Customized Popcorn Boxes 


Conventional popcorns packaging is just simple plain boxes with brown color that use to serve customers. Add to this; such boxes don’t have any other brand specifications to present them in the industry. Plus, the most incredible look of traditional popcorn packaging is to use red and white stripes on the box.

Compared to, custom popcorn boxes allow options to choose all the required chunks of popcorns boxes as per your choice to stand out in the marketplace. So, you have the option to choose various aspects, likewise wise, sizes, styles, designs, logo, coatings, and many other points to make your popcorn boxes up-to-the-mark.

Able To Personalize As Per the Events 

Personalization is to add pictures of celebrities and characters that relate to the event for which you need to make the personalized popcorn boxes. Such thematic characters printing works magnetically to grasp the attention of your clients and forces them to buy for events, likewise movie nights, baby shows, Halloween, Christmas, and many other events. The illustrative and 3D graphic designs make your popcorn boxes catchy and tempting. For instance, you can print Christmas quotes, Santa clause, X mass tree, and horses to make them personalized for Christmas. But such sort of packaging boxes a popcorn seller requires for a short time like for one month. But snow white and Cinderella characters work best for branding your brand throughout the year.

Pick Glistening and Flashy Colors for Your Popcorn Boxes 


The role of colors in custom packaging is unforgettable because sparkling pastels captivate the consumers in seconds from a faraway distance as compares to simple brown boxes. Due to this, custom popcorn boxes offer the opportunity to choose the desired colors for your popcorn boxes according to your demand. So, you need to provide the sample of the color you imagine to give your popcorn boxes to your packaging supplier. And they provide the same color by using CMYK and PMS colors models for your colorful popcorns packaging boxes.

Opting Style in Any Desired Dimension for Popcorn Packaging 

Only customization yield the opportunity to provide the desired dimension to popcorn packaging boxes. By using custom options, you would pick the secure type of packaging that helps you finalize the durable popcorn boxes for your clients. Here is the list of popcorn boxes that are famous in the industry.

  • Scallop popcorn boxes
  • Gable popcorn boxes
  • Loop popcorn corn boxes
  • Popcorn buckets
  • Hexagon popcorn boxes
  • Cylindrical popcorn cone box

You can also choose sealed and 1-2-3 auto bottom popcorn boxes to pack your caramel and sweet popcorn boxes.

Available in Various Sizes as the Demand of Target Audiences 

In conventional popcorn boxes, you can only buy the box that is available in standard size. But when you pick the custom popcorn boxes, you are able to select sizes according to the demand that you want to pack in an individual box to serve your end-users. So, you may pick mini, small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo size popcorn boxes for family packs.

Use of Gold Foil on Favor Popcorn Boxes for events

Sometimes for events, people hire the event organizers and tell the complete theme or menu of parties. These event organizers require popcorn boxes that thematically design according to the event. For this purpose, the use of gold foil makes your popcorn packaging cartons perfect for maximum events. So, by using custom options, they can order the themes colors with gold foil to give the royal and vintage look to popcorns. Moreover, you have the choice to use foil stamping if you have a low budget for long strips of foil and entire metalized coatings on your popcorn boxes.

Choose Plastic Wrapping for Cardboard Popcorn Box with the Top Ribbon 

Many brands offer special popcorn boxes for birthday parties. Such sort of custom popcorn packaging is made to the serving one person. In this packaging, the cardboard-made popcorn boxes are completely wrapped with the plastic sheets that cover the box as well as inside products. The extra plastic part is bound with tying the ribbon knot on the top of the box that attracts your users and their guest who enjoys these popcorns in the party.

Pick Printing Option as Per your Budget 


Premade boxes or traditional packaging boxes are made from recycled boxes in the number of thousands, and many local popcorn sellers use them. And, you need to buy the exact amount of boxes that your supplier provides. But, don’t worry, a custom popcorn box offers you the opportunity to print the boxes in the amount that you want to serve your clients as per your budget. Plus, you are able to choose printing type for your popcorns boxes as per your budget that is enlisting below for you:

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Screen printing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Flexographic

Option to Play with Printing Information

You are never able to use the printing information on your popcorn containers if you choose premade boxes. It means you pay for popcorn boxes and don’t get any benefits that increase your awareness in people and boost your sales as well. Contrarily, if you choose custom wholesale popcorn boxes, you can print all brand and product specifications on your boxes that you won’t see on the packaging.  So, you can play with printing options that you must use on your printed popcorn boxes. Here are some points mentioned below for you.

  • Print brand logo
  • Mentioned brand name
  • Print MFG and expiry date
  • Flavor name

Go Green While Choosing a Durable Material 

To consider the recent scenario many brands turns their head for using eco-friendly popcorns packaging boxes. So, if you choose premade boxes, then you are never able to choose nature-friendly boxes as per your requirement.  Moreover, if you want to choose customized popcorn boxes, you would choose the cardstock and its thickness as per your budget that also well for your popcorn boxes.
On this subject, you can choose cardboard, Kraft, and bux material for popcorn cartons. The cardboard gives a smooth and shiny surface, but it is recyclable. Moreover, you can choose Kraft that has the tear resistance quality and is robust to bear the weight of your products. It protects your popcorn from sogginess and moisture. Like cardboard, Kraft is also a decomposable and 100% secure option for our environment.

Wrap Up Discussion

The Crux of all the above-mentioned discussion is quite to explain why custom popcorn boxes are the top-notch choice for your brand growth. Such boxes are available in various sizes, styles, colors, plastic wrapping and require printing information on the box that you want to see in your packaging. Now it’s your time to considering the importance of customization for your brand and make your boxes more catchy and chic.