9 Winning Tips to Make Your Essay stand out

College admissions, as well as a written exam, demand extraordinary creativity and skill to breakthrough results. It comprises a multiple-choice test in the particular field of your choice, but essay writing is exceptional. Here you have to show your creativity and imagination. Smart students take essay help from experts and achieve A+ in every essay. You may wonder how? Even if you ask the topper of your class, they will never reveal the secret behind their winning essay assignment help.

In this write-up, you will come to know those nine secret tips behind successful essay making.

Let’s dig into it:

1. Start with a flowchart:

Students are usually assigned 4 or 5 topics to choose from. However, this also means they must carefully reflect on which subject they can elaborate on to the best of their knowledge.

Take your time while choosing a suitable topic for you.

Spend at least 20 minutes thinking. Skip those topics on which you are not comfortable.

Now, spend another 30 minutes drafting a plan with ten bullet points on the most critical issues you wish to cover.

Structured thinking and a coherent, logical approach require a line you will follow.

Getting the framework should be the most challenging part of the essay – filling it with content is then a piece of cake!

2. Do your research:

The best way to prepare for the essay written test is to draft at home and memorise 4 sample essays on topics that are most likely to appear during exams.

Do research, hit Google. Check authentic sites like Wikipedia, the Europa website, and all the resources you can think of. Add names, data and numbers you can memorise.

How can you identify the main issues? 

Look at the updated results, news, data, information regarding your topic and see which topics are related to your subject matter.

With your best luck, one of your essay topics will match a point, and thus all you need to do is plan and write what is already fully prepared in your head.

3. Be organised:

Have an unmistakable thought from where to where would you like to get in your paper. For example, if you write about the student’s free education or climate change, start with the context’s contextual plot and go towards the updated developments.

Don’t start with the goals of reducing greenhouse gases by 31% by 2021 and then jump to the south or North Pole ice melting. Instead, present it chronologically, well- structured and linear.

4. Keep an eye on the ball:

You can find in English-language papers that each passage covers just one center idea or thought and that’s it. Whatever else you wish to pass on can enter the following area as it were. The first sentence in the paragraph is the key, and the rest of the paragraph expands it or provides more details. For example, “The climate change policy has gone a long way since the early ’90s” could be a grand opening phrase that you may then expand in a few lines.

5. Avoid stating basic facts:

Global warming affects the whole world” or “Greenhouse gas effect has been reached up to 11%” – These are too obvious or too general statements that serve no value and only decrease the quality of your essay.

On the other hand, adding interesting dates, names, facts and concrete ideas can significantly improve your writing and add more credibility.

6. Presentation of your essay:

Whether it’s your admission essay competition or written exams, as their name suggests, are hand-written.

Most of the students use online tools like word processors, where we can cut, edit, paste and delete text without a trace. However, in hand-written exams, you can only do one thing: cross out a word or a section and re-write it below.

7. Work on your imagination:

Creativity is one of the best ways to empower your writing. Students indeed will take references from various articles, books, journals and other resources. Make sure you take ideas from the resources and not paste them into your writing. Thinking differently will help you in presenting your topic.

No matter how challenging your essay topic is, it will stand out if you put your imagination skill. To reboot your imagination power, you should go through various fictional books. You can take inspiration from movies, ads, videos, TV series, and daily life and so on. Apply these inspirations along with your imagination while composing your essay. It will pay you off.

8. Free writing practice

Students usually experience “writer’s block” or lack of terms or vocabulary while expressing their words. And that’s why experts from essay help suggest you practice freehand writing. It means whenever you feel “essay blues”,- start writing anything you want!

Pick your notebook and pen down your thoughts like how’s your day going? What is the new poetry you have read? What kind of people do you like? You can write about your favourite persons. That’s how you will get into the flow, and it will boost your writing confidence.

9. Revise and revise

No matter how little you have written for the day, revise it at the end of your writing schedule. It will give your clarity about your writing errors. You will know your weakness in writing and mark it and keep that point in your mind. This idea will save your time and stop you for further mistakes.


These nine helpful tips will lead you to successful essay writing if you follow these thoroughly. Please take a tour of these 9 points again and apply them when needed. Best of luck with your A+!