Juice Cleanses

Are Juice Cleanses Safe?

Juice cleanses are a popular health trend that claims to help people with weight loss and detoxification. They’ve been around for decades but have recently taken off with an increased appearance in our social media feeds. There is a lot of hype about these diets, which begs the question: are juice cleanses safe?

The idea of a juice-cleansing diet comes from the fact that about three-quarters of the human body consists of water, so it makes sense that relying on organic vegetables and fruits, which are mostly water, is a healthy way to lose weight. The reality is a little different, though. While some detox diets are relatively safe, many are not. However, many of these diets do not supply enough nutrients for the body and may be harmful if done for an extended period.

When you aren’t eating solid food, your body consumes its muscle tissue for energy and burns fat and organ tissues. However, it leaves very few nutrients and calories to fuel your organs. However, if you only consume a few hundred calories or less, it could cause serious health problems. Ultimately, this diet will not lead to permanent weight loss or health benefits because most people will quickly return to their usual eating habits once the diet is over.

Remember when you read about what’s normal and not about adverse reactions after starting an extreme detox: most people have adverse reactions because they follow them in the wrong way. Adrenal dysfunction and nausea may be common causes of these symptoms, but they could also be caused by poor planning or inadequate preparation before starting an extreme detox.

Juicing and Headaches

The most common adverse reaction after juice cleanses is headaches. If you experience a headache, it may be because the body has been given too much of a good thing. In other words, the body will push back when it thinks it’s being fed too little food.

Most people find that drinking as many as 20-30 glasses of juice in one day is enough to cause symptoms, including headaches and fatigue. Many people lose weight on these detoxes, but they may become dehydrated after drinking all of this juice.

Juice Cleanse Side Effects and Symptoms:

 1. Adrenal Dysfunction

It is a condition that can lead to severe adrenal failure and requires immediate attention. This type of fatigue is often caused by low cortisol and DHEA levels. In some cases, the cause may not be evident at first.

 2. Dehydration

Dehydration is a risk with any extreme detox. Because one loses water from the body this way, drinking enough water and electrolytes is essential if you are doing a juice-based detox to prevent muscle tissue and skin loss.

 3. Nausea

Nausea is shared among the people who do juice cleanses, but it is also caused by poor planning or inadequate preparation before starting an extreme detox. Nausea is not the same as hunger, and a deficiency in food does not cause it.

 4. Chronic Fatigue

Low energy levels cause this type of fatigue. It can be caused by a lack of minerals in your diet or because you aren’t re-hydrating and replenishing them properly after an extreme detox. Your body doesn’t absorb water well when it’s dehydrated.

Ways to Avoid These Common Juice Cleanse Symptoms

 1. Get Vitamin B-12 Shots

The best way to avoid most of these symptoms is to take vitamin B-12 shots. This vitamin performs more than 100 functions in the human body, but it’s most known for producing healthy blood and nerve cells.

 2. Eat Grains and Legumes

Vitamin B-12 isn’t found in fruits or vegetables, so eat grains and legumes while doing a juice cleanse, especially if you are vegan or vegetarian. These types of food are excellent sources of other nutrients, including fiber, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium, which help replenish electrolytes.

 3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Ensure you eat enough fresh, organic fruit and vegetables to make up for your missing calories. In addition, they provide a diverse range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that any supplement can’t replace.

 4. Do a Juice Cleanse at Home with Pre-Made Recipes

It doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming if you do a juice cleanse at home. Instead, you can store your juice in bottles that don’t cost much money and don’t have funky looks.

Understandably, people might want to do a juice cleanse. Fad diets are enticing, especially when they promise quick weight loss with only drinking juice. While juice cleanses diets don’t usually cause permanent weight loss, they may be helpful as a detox plan if you can take them safely and follow them responsibly.