How to Manage Life Abroad When You Miss Your Family!

Being away from home is always difficult, no matter how old one is. Because we humans are very homely beings. For us, a home represents a different level of comfort and safety. We tend to attach so many different emotions to it. So whenever the situation arises, one has to leave the house and step out of the comfort zone. There is this feeling that makes its way into our hearts called “homesickness.” Students feel this way too many times when they are away from their homes while studying abroad. No matter how busy their lives get, with hectic school schedules, after school practices, a ravishing social life, etc., But every now and then, they will feel a pang of loneliness in their hearts.

This is not a nice feeling to have to live with, especially for students. They need to be able to manage this feeling or they might end up in the hospital due to self negligence. And no one wants that to happen. So, mentioned below are some steps and tips to take whenever you miss your family.

There is no fixed way of dealing with the feeling of homesickness. You’ve just got to try everything that you can and find the best fix for yourself. One of the many cures is making connections. Try to make contact with the people in your new country. Because meeting new people is always interesting as they have so much to share.

  • Create a Routine

Having a strict schedule to follow is always beneficial. In the case of someone missing home, planning their entire day is the best option to keep the feelings of loneliness from making an unexpected appearance.

  • Let Yourself Be Lost in the New City

When everything around you is new, it is natural to feel lost, as if nothing is making sense. In such a situation, there is just one thing left to do, i.e. immerse yourself in the new country. Start by trying local food, making a bucket list of places to visit, etc. And if you have no time to spare and are thinking, “Can anyone write my assignment?”, take expert help.

  • Make New Friends

Give people a chance. Because every place has endless possibilities to offer. There is a great chance that people might surprise you.

  • Do a Social Media Detox

Social media is a great way of staying connected to your friends, but sometimes you might not even realise that it has become a bit toxic for you. So, step away from it for a while, at least until your FOMO has completely vanished.

  • Focus on Self Care

Stop thinking about other people and their needs. It’s time to focus on yourself. Try some soulful music or meditation to get relaxed. You can also try Chinese Feng Shui techniques to balance your chi. Or use some calming crystals. Have healthy and nutritious food.

  • Share Your Feelings

Do not, for even one fleeting second, think that you are the only human being on this planet feeling this loneliness. No, sir. There are so many of you out there struggling with the same feelings. Find your tribe and open your heart to them. You will feel lighter and better. Also, try to avoid excessive contact with family and friends at home. If you are feeling shy, write in a journal.

  • Consider Getting Adopted

Just because you are missing the familial support and acceptance in the new place does not mean that it is impossible to experience it. Ask your local friends to invite you to their place and voila! You are at the receiving end of the same familial support that you crave so much.

  • Add Elements of Your Home

There is always an easy way of doing things. And in this case, it is by simply decorating or redecorating your apartment or condo in the new city with a similar decor to your home. You can add some memorabilia to your room to feel the presence of family.

  • Restart Your Habits

To feel in control of your feelings, try to keep up with your routine or activities that you used to do when you were back home. This may give you a sense of belonging in your new environment.For example, if you are someone who used to enjoy running, start doing it in your new city as it would benefit you both physically and mentally.

  • Positive Thinking Is the Way to Go

Instead of thinking about what this new place isn’t. Start by exploring what it can be. It is guaranteed that there are going to be more differences than similarities in this new place. So embrace the differences and strive for change. As change is the only constant in life.

  • Try Exercising Regularly

Exercising is the best way to get instantly pumped up. It is true! Your body releases various hormones when you exercise. And some of them are very crucial in lifting your spirits. One such hormone is serotonin, and it can do wonders for your emotions. Give it a try at least.

Authors’ bio:

Ken George is a wellness coach who also runs his own wellness retreat in the UK. He has been in this field for quite some time now. He has been working with Global Assignment Help as a freelancer to assist students studying away from home. He is very passionate about answering students most asked question “can anyone Write my assignment?” by providing the help they so desperately seek. In his free time he loves to read crime thriller novels.