Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage using Oil

Aroma massage has a therapeutic effect because it has a direct connection with the limbic system of the brain. When the essential oils are inhaled during the therapy, the limbic system is stimulated.

This stimulation affects the heart rate, blood pressure, and physical and mental stress levels. Aromatherapy massage is one of the best ways to relax the cranial nerves, which can make you feel good and fresh.

There are different types of oils used for aromatherapy massage for different reasons. Some oils are used for insomnia, some for fatigue, some relax the muscles and some give new energy.

You need to discuss with the massage therapist what you are actually suffering from and what you need to be healed, and he will help you decide which oil to use for the best results.

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A few benefits of aromatherapy massage with different oils are listed below:

  • Lavender also commonly used in aromatherapy. It relieves stress and brings calmness to the mind and soothes the whole body.
  • Jasmine oil is used to treat stress and anxiety. It helps you relax, relieves tension and gives you joy.
  • Essential oils such as chamomile, tea tree oil and juniper help relieve pain caused by inflammation.
  • Lemongrass is a very effective pain reliever and also helps with weight loss.
  • The spiciness of peppermint, black pepper, and ginger produces warmth and promotes blood flow to the body, which can relieve acute pain.
  • Other fragrant oils such as rose and sandalwood help to instantly change your mood and make you feel fresh and happy.
  • Aside from the above benefits of various aromatic oils, there are many medical ailments for which these oils provide positive results. People who suffer from insomnia can sleep better if they use certain scents frequently. There are many people who use fragrances to enjoy a deep sleep.
  • Aromatherapy massages can also speed up recovery from cancer and lower blood pressure.

These oils are extracted from the different parts of plants such as leaves, stems, bark and even roots. You only need one or two drops of these oils per massage as they are highly concentrated.

They can be mixed with your massage oils and used over candles or oil burners. Don’t forget to use these essential oils the next time you get a massage to experience a positive change.

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