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Themes Vs. Custom Web Design: A Complete Guide To Web Design

Web design is one of the most crucial parts of running an online business. Every business requires websites to operate online. A well-crafted responsive website can create a long-lasting first impression on your customers and ensure the success of your organization. You must hire excellent website design services to build an amazing website for your business.

Businesses that are looking to build a new website or redesign their pre-existing one have to opt for either a theme-based website or a custom-based website. And this is one of the most difficult decisions businesses face as the failure or success of the business may depend on this decision.

Custom-based web design vs Theme-based web design this debate has been going on for a very long time. Choosing the right one according to your requirements is very crucial for long-term success. If you are struggling with making the right decision of whether to choose the theme-based or custom-based option, then this article will help you out.

Here we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Theme and custom-based web design and which one you should opt for.

The difference between Theme-based and Custom-based web designs

Website developers utilize multiple content management systems like WordPress or Shopify to build a well-crafted website from scratch. Developers fulfill the requirements of an organization in terms of features, content, and appearance. And create a custom web design.

Whereas theme-based web designs take advantage of pre-made themes and templates. All that requires are some tweaks here and there to put the company’s identity into the website from the developers. This has made transforming your websites’ functionalities and appearance easier than ever. There are thousands of free pre-made templates and themes available on the internet for free.

Both of these web design options can help you optimize your websites across different platforms and devices. You better engage with excellent website design services for creating amazing responsive websites.

Now let’s talk in detail about the two web design options so that you have enough clarity before opting for one of them.

What is a Custom-based website?

Developers build these websites starting from scratch. They develop different designs and functionalities on their own depending upon the requirement of the client. Here businesses can ask for any feature or functionalities they wish to have on their websites.

It is recommended that you must contact excellent website design services as they will properly understand your requirements and design a website that perfectly suits your business.

Here are some reasons why you should go for Custom-based web design.

  • Unique designs and customized functionalities

As these types of websites are built from scratch like on a blank canvas, there are very rare chances of similarities with other websites. Your website will be completely unique and filled with features that you have handpicked. Thus you can stay ahead of your competitors and enhance your user experience.

  • Adaptable

With custom-based websites, you have full control over the features and functionalities of your site. On these websites, you have full control of anything that goes on the page. This makes your website more adaptable to certain changes.

  • Scalability

As your business is witnessing growth, you need to bring changes to your site so that it can handle high traffics when required. Utilizing CMS’s tools, developers can effortlessly update your website whenever required. These websites are highly scalable.

But there are some reasons as well why you might want to skip this option.

  • Developing these custom-based websites is very expensive as developers need to develop a website with all the features and functionalities you want from zero level. You need to hire excellent website design services who can charge a lot.
  • Developing custom-based websites takes a lot of time as compared to theme-based websites.

What is a Theme-based website?

This is probably the easiest way of developing websites for your business using pre-designed templates available online. Organizations can use multiple website development platforms like Wix and Squarespace.

These platforms offer multiple pre-built themes and templates that you can easily customize and align with your brand. Some of these themes are free while others are available at affordable prices.

These are the reasons why you might think of choosing theme-based websites.

  • Less development time

Unlike custom-based websites, you are not developing theme-based websites from scratch. There are thousands of premade templates available for you that you can implement on your website. So the overall development time of these websites is very less.

  • Cost-effective

Developing theme-based websites are very cost-effective as compared to developing custom-based websites. As most of the templates already exist for free, you will be less likely required to hire excellent website design services to design your site. |Thus, you can save a large amount of money for other business customizable requirements.

  • Customizable

The best part of using premade templates is that they are highly customizable and you can easily modify them based on your requirements. You can change the colors, fonts, and features to provide your website with a unique look.

But there are some drawbacks to choosing this option

  • Theme-based websites lack original originality. There are high chances that your website will look similar to many other websites that users can notice very easily.
  • These websites offer limited customizable features. You will not be able to add all the features and functionalities according to your requirements.
  • While using premade templates you will receive limited technical support. This can generate difficulties to operate your site properly.


With a custom-based website, you can develop eye-catching and responsive websites that provide a unique experience to your customers. If you have a good budget and time in hand, then go for custom-based websites. You need to hire excellent website design services and provide them with all the necessary information about the features and functionalities you want for your website.

But in case if you have a limited budget and are looking for a quick solution for your business website then you can go for theme-based websites. Just make sure you customize it properly so that it aligns with your brand.

After all, it all comes down to your business goals. If you plan to grow your online business over the next few years, my advice will be to go for the Custom-based option. But for personal blogs and all, a cost-effective solution like theme-based websites is best.