Business Bay Peninsula

Located in the heart of Singapore, just a short ferry ride away from Hong Kong, Business Bay is one of the most attractive places to invest your money. Home to several high profile companies and international banks, this place is ideal for any expat looking to make a living overseas. It has an excellent mix of high end commercial property and residential estates, which makes it one of the more affordable destinations to start a business in. Here are some reasons why:

Business Bay is located in the heart of business bay. Unlike many other places in the region, this place has an excellent mix of both commercial and residential real estate offerings, which means that the average earning potential is high. The peninsula apartments in Business Bay are available for rent as well as for sale. Located close to the Yacht and Beach and having easy access to the peninsula’s airport and train stations, residents have the convenience of accessing their workplace without having to go far.

Located next to Hong Kong’s central business district, Business Bay offers a very dynamic live and work environment. Located mainly in one flats, the community offers a wide range of facilities such as: multi-purpose room, conference rooms, gymnasium, swimming pool, library, restaurant, library and many more. The community experience is primarily enhanced by the access to International School, Yacht Club, and a golf course, making it a perfect place for expats and tourists.

Over the past decade, the demand for Property in Business Bay has grown tremendously. Expatriates and local businessmen have turned out in large numbers, establishing a significant number of Business Bay apartments for rent. One of the major attractions of living here is the excellent transport system that links every corner of the region. Buses run regularly to the major cities, while taxis are available for hire at most convenient times. Most expats tend to choose Business Bay apartments for rent because of the excellent transport facilities and the lifestyle they create, from owning and managing their own business to travelling around the region and being a part of the thriving community here.

Located within a short walk away from Dubai’s business district, at Al Maha Country Park, Business Bay Peninsula has a beautiful environment with a relaxed and easy going feel. The area is well equipped with stores selling different products, from fresh fruit and vegetables to jewellery and electronic equipment. There are also many restaurants, cafes and eateries offering tasty food, fresh seafood and international cuisine. Some of the buildings that are available for rent are: Al Masjid Jumeirah International Shopping Centre, Business Bay International Spa & Hotel, Al Makhsoh Shopping Mall, Emirates Tower Shopping Centre and Business Bay Hotel & Spa. These buildings are carefully designed and built, with some being literally an hour away from Dubai’s main airport.

The environment here is very calm and serene, which suits the way Dubai is characterised: offering a unique blend of modern and conservative. Business Bay Peninsula’s landscape is characterised by natural mountains which dominate the peninsula, and the beaches are relatively small and safe, surrounded by lush green scenery. From the perspective of travellers, there is no doubt that Business Bay Peninsula offers all the features that travellers look for when choosing a new place to live. This is made up of a mixture of deserts, seas, forests and grasslands, providing a unique living experience that differs greatly from other areas in Dubai. Although, with the number of people who have chosen to invest in Business Bay Peninsula apartments, it is expected that this luxury apartment will soon lose its popularity.

Although, as the name suggests, the peninsula apartments in Business Bay are set in the centre of the city, they are situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets. Although, due to the nature of the location, the view is limited and sometimes less than appealing, but it is still possible to enjoy, especially during the summer. The beaches are sandy and relatively small, although some are considered to be of good quality and come in different styles and designs. Located on the southern tip of the peninsula, Bur Dhabi Water World lies at the base of Burj Al Arab Hotel and is one of the popular water attractions for tourists and residents alike. Burj Al Arab Hotel incorporates a number of water slides into its water park, which is also a great attraction for locals.

Business Bay Peninsula apartments offer all the comforts and facilities needed by residents. They include a fully equipped kitchen with microwave, refrigerator, stove and range; two bedrooms in each of the two-bedroom apartments, an entry-level master bedroom and a guest room. The apartments are serviced with a swimming pool and a modern fitness center. Business Bay Peninsula offers a choice of luxurious and elegant one, two or three bedroom apartments, all with direct access to business centers and the shopping malls. Business Bay Peninsula apartments are ideal for families, with two, three or four bedroom settings.

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