How To Build Your SEO Strategy On Foundation Of Pillar Pages

How To Build Your SEO Strategy On Foundation Of Pillar Pages

The importance of SEO pillar pages cannot be underestimated, but they can also be tough to set up correctly. Let’s start with a simple definition: what exactly is a pillar page in SEO? The term “pillar page” was coined by Brian Dean in an article over on Backlinko.

A pillar page is a page that builds up your presence in search engines for certain long-tail keywords or phrases. You can consult a digital marketing company in Delhi that can make a strong SEO strategy over pillar pages. In the following article we will show you why they’re important, and how you can get them up and running in no time! 


What Are Pillar Pages?

Pillar pages are a type of webpage that is designed to guide and direct visitors to other pages on your site. This process is called “pillarization”. Pillar Pages also tend to have a high level of trust. They have been around for years, and people know what they are when they see them. 

There are a lot of different elements that go into a pillar page, but the main one is authority. The point of a pillar page is to direct a lot of traffic to a single page on your site. This single page is going to have a very high authority, which will in turn make the rest of your site more authoritative.  

Pillar pages are what comprises a site’s cornerstone of content. They’re often seen as being the most important and most heavily linked to. This is because they have a tendency to rank for competitive keywords in the SERPS. In order to gain the best possible rankings for these keywords. It is usually recommended that you make your pillar pages keyword-focused while creating them.


Characteristics Of Pillar Pages

The pillar pages are the most important and most visited pages on your website.  They should provide links to other pages on your website, as well as contain a brief summary of what the content of those pages is about. This allows Google’s crawler to identify the pillars and index them effectively. 

  • Pillars are typically pages that get a prominent link from your website’s home page. They should also be present on other high -ranking pages. 
  • You should have at least three pillars on your site. Although the number of pillars does not affect your search engine ranking, it can make it easier for the search engine to index your site. 
  • These are the pages of your website that are viewed most and clicked on most by users. 
  • They should be identified by looking at the most popular pages on your site. 
  • The most popular pages are the ones that have the highest number of inbound links, the highest page rank and the longest average stay time. 
  • They should also be present on other high traffic pages on your website. 
  • They are good candidates to become the home page of new, content rich websites. 


How To Create Pillar Pages?

Pillar pages are the backbones of your on-site SEO strategy. They are foundational pages that have been optimized so they rank at the top for specific terms. However, these pages will not only boost your rankings, they’ll also help you build a strong brand and increase traffic to other pages on your site.Here are the easy steps to create pillar pages step by step: 

If you want to build pillar pages for your website or blog you need to identify the core topic according to your niche.  It should be written in such a way that you are creating awareness among your customers regarding the core topic.

Now if you have chosen your broad topic according to the niche then try to find different sub topics that come under that broad topic. You can include your various long tail keywords in these sub topics & rank for number of keywords.

The third step or the most crucial step is to organise all your subtopics or cluster topics all around the main topic so that they can coordinate or go well around with the writing. Proper research or try to answer as many questions as you can, this way you will be able to create the best pillar page for your website.

Once you publish your post online, promote that piece of information on different platforms to gain more visibility. You can also update the content with the latest developments in recent industries to keep your users updated.


Why Creating Pillar Pages Is Important For SEO

A pillar page is a page on your website that represents the core of the site’s content. It can be a category, a blog post, or any other type of content that you want to feature prominently on your website. Pillar pages aren’t just about organization. They’re also performance powerhouses when it comes to SEO.

  • There are many reasons why you should have pillar pages on your website, but it all boils down to creating a solid foundation for search engines. This is why it’s important to create pillar pages, even if you don’t have a ton of content.
  • It creates proper site structure for your website. Google crawls your important niche with the help of pillar pages. 
  • You can rank for numerous keywords with one single blog post which is great for SEO.
  • Pillar pages can generate a ton of traffic or authority for your website.



Before doing anything else, you need to identify your target customers and what they are looking for. From there, you will be able to create content that they want.

The most important topic to research is the main idea. This is what your page will be about and everything should flow from it. You can’t do anything without a plan in place so make sure you have a clear one before starting any work. Do let us know in the comment section how you organize pillar pages for your website. Consult the best SEO company in Delhi to create successful pillar pages for the website.

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