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Geofinder Review: Track Someone’s Location With Just A Message

What is location tracking and how does it work?

Location tracking means the technologies which electronically and physically track and record the activity of people or the object. This technology is used regularly with searching for nearby shops or businesses, GPS navigation and locations detected on digital pictures. Location tracking is generally related to the smartphone use because there is a GPS chip in the smartphone. Location tracking can reveal everything about the person it includes where do a person work, live and the visits of that person if he is going temple, bars or meeting his friends or the families. Also, through location tracking a tracker can get the information related to your political background. Further, the location tracking worked by using numerous satellites, the GPS device can determine its latitude and longitude location and show the information to the one who is using the device or convey the information to a program or software app. For instance, the use of mobile map application and internet on the smartphones which can compute a person’s live position using the GPS location and show that person where he is actually located on the map. Also, based on GeoFinder Review’s research the GPS tracking system tracks the location by using GNSS Global Navigation Satellite System network.  This network includes satellites which converse with GPS devices to issue information on time, direction, speed and current location of the automobile being tracked. Also, the trackers work without internet because it is totally independent of any cellular of Wi-Fi data connection. The GPS is a radio which gets location data from the satellites that is why its ratio is different from any cellular, wifi or Bluetooth radio. The pre-loaded maps don’t require internet connection to work.

Benefits of location tracking for individuals and businesses?

  • Emergencies: In case of emergencies GPS tracking is the authentic way for emergency worker to find the missing person. When the missing one dial 911, Android and iOS automatically allocate a device’s place with emergency services. They’re working on creating the location data accurate enough to spot a specific location in a building.
  • Lost phone: If someone’s phone is lost, it can be tracked by GPS and receive the real-time updates related to its current location.
  • Traffic: Traffic is the another factor for which a location tracking is beneficial because through Google maps a person can observe the road movements on phone and get to know about the traffic jams and choose the another routes.
  • Child safety: Due to the rising crimes towards the children, there safety is the important factor and through location safety parents can keep tabs on a child.
  • Automobile safety: The GPS tracking systems are also installed in several car’s and allow car location and through this the location of the car can be tracked remotely.
  • Business management: On the basis of GeoFinder Review examination location tracking is beneficial in business management also, because when the business provides a mobile to the employee the location of the employee can be tracked by the business that where the employee is spending time during the job. This is very useful in the businesses related to taxi and delivery companies.

Types of location tracking software

  • Locate2u: This delivery management software permits to track the workers, optimise delivery routes and share exact ETAs. GPS Tracking can be installed in the vehicles, permitting you to monitor and track their status and live location. Also, according to GeoFinder Review’s study this technology permits you to access the route replay which helps you to track your drivers throughout the day location.
  • Hubstaff: It is a productivity monitoring and time tracking tool, it automates several aspects of running and developing business. Project time can be tracked by the teams through this software. Also, it improves the productivity and keeps honest people honest.
  • Jobber: It is a cloud-based service management software which permits midsize and small service businesses to provide customer support, manage field staff, and enlarge business operations either through a desktop dashboard or a mobile app. It is easy-to-use field solution CRM powers your operations, sales and customer service.
  • GoCodes: It is a cloud-based inventory and asset tracking solution for midsize and small businesses in the education, accounting, engineering construction, and health care sectors. Key modules include inventory management, fixed asset accounting, field service request, GPS tracking and maintenance management.
  • Verizon Connect: The Verizon connect is a software that helps in tacking vehicles in the field, uplift worker productivity, enhance fleet operations and motivates safer driving. The solutions offerd by the software includes tracking driver behaviour it includes idling, speeding and rough driving, it reduces cost for fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, helps in finding the vehicle location in real time and enhance routing, dispatch and visibility.
  • Samsara: It is a cloud based solution that provides the features including trailer tackig, GPS tracking, routing & dispatch, dashboard camera and others.

How to track someone’s location without them knowing?

By installing spy app secretly on their phone you can track someone’s location without knowing them. These spying apps may track almost all the phone activities that includes SMS messages, Calls, Web history, Google map’s location, Social Media sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Snapchat etc.

These are the some of the apps through you can track someone without knowing them:

  • uMobix – It is a mobile monitoring application which permits to track the location of your kid’s iMessages from your cell phone. It can be installed on both androd and iOS devices. It is majorly utilized for tracking the location of kids and is considered as the best app for kid’s social media tracking & monitoring.
  • mSpy – It helps to track any user’s mobile remotely. To get the exact location and in-depth route history. Also it can track messages, social media accounts, multimedia and others.
  • ClevGuard – It is good for overall tracking that includes phone activities monitoring, phone parental control and location tracking.
  • Hoverwatch – This app is best for android, windows and iOS. It offers the required information regarding call logs, messages and several other apps that are on the android device and you need to detect. Also, you can monitor the specific activities through this application.
  • FlexiSpy – It is the perfect computer monitoring software because through this app you can read popular emails and IM chats, monitor PC & Mac devices, record browser activity, and more. It is majorly used for employee monitoring.

How to track someone’s location with Just a Message?

On the basis of GeoFinder Review research, a person can track someone’s location with just a message by using the GPS feature on the phone. All the modern smartphones have this quality, that can be utilized to track your location via text messages. Further, the cell phones are required to connect to towers in sequence to transmit and get text messages. Therefore, by focusing on the cell phone tower information related to the text message, there are possibilities to track someone’s location. Moreover, there are numerous text message location tracker applications are available for both iOS and android devices, that helps in exactly pointing someone’s location on the basis of their cell phone signal details. Network monitoring tools and advanced algorithms are used by these apps to examine signal strength data from numerous towers in order to compute an anticipated location.

The best text message tracking apps in the market includes:

  • PanSpy: It is professional monitoring service provider expert in monitoring and tracking tools for smartphone users.
  • iKeyMonitor: It is the best parental control application for iPhone/iPad and Android phones. It assists to monitor mobile activities and secure the kids from online hazards.
  • XNSpy: It helps in monitoring the another person’s activity that includes text messages, calls, contacts, social media apps, emails, instant messengers, and locations.
  • FoneMonitor: It assist in monitoring texts, calls and location. Also, the screen of the target mobile can be captured and record sounds and calls.
  • Auto Forward Spy: It is a phone spying app which provides an easy way of keeping tabs on the children and the people you care for.

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Tips for staying safe when using location tracking software

  • Have knowledge about the service’s privacy aspects: All the services have privacy controls. Certainly get to know them and manage these features to make sure that you have total control over who knows your location.
  • Be aware who your friends are: Some of the social networking sites that includes Facebook and other social network sites, where you accept and request friends. Which means people can explore if you’re online and connect with you as a friend. It is crucial to think back that sharing your location with the people you’ve not ever met in real life is insecure, so you should carefully handle the friend requests and share the location only with the ones who you know and can trust. Ensure that any service you choose provides you overall control towards the things including who sees your whereabouts.
  • Check frequently: There are some services which automatically stop sharing your location after a certain period of time, however, other will share it forever till you stop it. Analyze your contactless timely and delete the unwanted or someone’s contact numbers with you no longer feel pleasant sharing your location.
  • Syncing with alternative services: If the location-sharing application syncs up with Twitter, Facebook, or any other service, you may be relaying your location to numerous people without even knowing it. Make sure your service does sync with another services and verify to organize this very carefully. Apparently its best to turn off this aspect and only use the service’s personal sharing tools so that you can disclose your location to people you are comfortable with.

The future of location tracking

On the basis of research done by Emergen Research the Global Positioning System (GPS) or location tracking market size was 2.15 Billion on 2021 and is anticipated to register the CAGR of 12.3% over the assessment period. Rising demand for cloud technology & IoT and upsurge in the sales of commercial vehicles are uplifting the global market and are anticipated to boost the market over the assessment period. Also, longevity of location tracking devices coupled with the rising utilization of commercial vehicles tracking systems are expected to propel the global market during the foreseen period. Further, growing focus towards the security and safety measures in private and public transportations are predicted to uplift the global market. Affordability is the other factor expected to uplift the global market, the factors accountable for this are for government and big organizations tracking location is not a luxury anymore, also, the small companies can reach this due to its low price. Moreover, GeoFinder Review studied that the GPS tracking devices plays a crucial role because it makes us feel safe and secure also, we feel secure about our personal things and people. The future of the tracking device market appears promising with chances in the logistics and transportation, oil & gas, construction, and mining& metal industries.