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Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant? Who is Miranda Lambert’s Husband?

Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant? Who is Miranda Lambert’s Husband? These are some major questions about doing the rounds around the town!

The famed American country singer and writer, Miranda Lambert, is a name many know. No matter if it is her touching lyrics or classical country-style music.

With this decades-old garnered fame, it’s natural that fans are always curious. However, it’s not confirmed whether the grammy award winner has in fact sourced it as truth!

We are going to fill you in on all the details relating to who is in fact Miranda Lambert’s husband currently. Also whether Miranda Lambert is pregnant with a much-awaited baby or not!

Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant Currently?

With the onset of the new year 2023, there has been a focus on all the major stars and how the new year is going for them. Hence, Miranda Lambert is a charming American Country singer and has also been in the eye of the crowd.

This Nashville Star singer has earned her position of success and stardom since the year 2003. Her aspirations paved the way for her dreams and she became a household name. Miranda Lambert is the classic American girl with her blonde looks and country style.

So, it’s no wonder that she won the hearts of people as soon as she got her deserved spotlight. With this spotlight, her lovers are now curious whether Miranda Lambert is pregnant.

This rumor started when the Texas beauty indicated that she holds a surprise for her fans. This led to everyone assuming after her already successful story, Miranda Lambert is pregnant!

It’s true that the singer plus songwriter has confessed her adoration for children many times. Since she boomed in her career, Lambert has also committed to marriage twice. So her followers have also kept an ear on when they’ll hear the news of welcoming a sweet child.

But, as we have confirmed the rumors are baseless! There has been no clear hint of Miranda Lambert approving this news. So there is a basis around this rumor except that her followers and paparazzi assumed it.

Lambert hasn’t been able to achieve the status of motherhood due to her work routine. In spite of her desire and marriages, the singer’s career has kept her away from pregnancy.

While she has shared her adoration for babies, she has also said otherwise. Miranda Lambert disclosed to the acclaimed women’s magazine Elle, that she will tell her tale with booze till the end.

She also noted that Pregnant women can’t drink thus leaving her final thoughts on the matter.

What Is Miranda Lambert’s Response?

As confirmed by authentic sources, Miranda Lambert has not revealed any pregnancy plans. She has always worn a strong working women’s crown and there’s a tale behind that. Lambert’s parents, Rick and Bev Lambert worked as private investigators. As she was growing up, the sweet country girl absorbed the true stories of crimes against women.

These domestic crimes and cases influenced Miranda Lambert as a girl. She vowed to be anything but succumb to being a weak woman. This reflects in her song writings and she became an inspiration for her listeners.

Hence, she has never accredited any confirmed planning of pregnancy. It’s also not true this time with the new year beginning, she is to stay active and do what she loves this year as well!

Who is Miranda Lambert’s Husband?

Miranda Lambert with her strong, melodic voice and all-American blonde locks has been the crush of many. But, there are few who captured her heart in a meaningful way.

Miranda Lambert first tied the knot with the American country singer,  Blake Shelton. Even though they were long-time partners and also shared country music fame. Yet, the 4-year marriage didn’t lead to any child. As they both were busy with their hectic schedules even after similar professions.

After the devastating divorce from her first marriage to country singer, Miranda Lambert married again. The second marriage took place in the year 2019 with Brendan Mcloughlin. Miranda Lambert’s husband is from a different professional background but sparked a connection.

Brendan Mcloughlin is a police officer and his base is in the New York Police Department. Their love story sparked when the singer, Miranda Lambert was on air on the Good Morning America show. Brendan Mcloughlin caught Miranda Lambert’s heart and they made it official with marriage. Lambert preferred to hold the ceremony in Nashville where she felt her spirit celebrated.

Miranda Lambert’s husband has stayed by her now for 4 years and an insider has indicated their plan for a family. This rumor of them leads to sources speculating about Lambert’s pregnancy.

Brendan Mcloughlin even after not having a famous following, has garnered love from his wife’s fans too. He has above 100k followers on Insta where he posts his favorite photos with his renowned wife.

It’s no doubt that they have a healthy relationship and are a strong couple.

Miranda Lambert has proved her loyalty to her second husband. Although, they have yet to welcome offspring from their love story.

But, some insiders have begun to source it as true that the country singer may hold such a surprise.

Whether this news is going to be true, depends on whether Miranda Lambert and her husband share this news. But they have not commented on it on a direct basis.

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Last Word

Miranda Lambert is a country music star for a decade. Her powerful voice and lyrics hailing from the small town hit the hearts of millions. Since then she carved a path of success of no bounds. Miranda Lambert in her professional life has achieved various awards but her personal life is also scrutinized.

She is a most recognized country music singer so it is not unusual that her fans focus on her personal life as well. Whether Miranda Lambert is pregnant or not, you will know if she does plan it with her sweetheart husband.