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How Can You Make Your Career As A PHP Developer In 2022

Many people are transitioning into technology and computer programming careers in 2022. Programming and computer engineering are slowly becoming one of the most lucrative career choices for many people, mainly because all you need to venture into a career based on technology is the skills to undertake any job you want. Employers are hardly ever looking for formal qualifications in the technology field.

While there are many languages you can start with, PHP is one of the best options you can consider. The demand for PHP developers is always on the rise. Research indicates that at least 77% of all websites were developed on PHP. If you are wondering how to build your career as a PHP developer in 2022, this article gives detailed guidelines.

PHP and PHP Development

Before becoming a PHP developer, you might want to understand what PHP is and why it matters. PHP, or PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open-source scripting language with extensive capabilities in web development. Created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP has grown in popularity, with many companies and MNCs looking to hire PHP developer with the requisite skills.

One of the reasons why PHP has continued to grow as an instrumental scripting language in 2022 is the simplicity of its syntax. The syntax of PHP resembles that of one of the simplest programming languages to learn, C. Additionally, the scripting language is integrated into multiple databases such as MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

PHP Development

You can use PHP as a framework for performing system functions such as creating, opening, deleting, and manipulating files. The language also works well for performing database functions and generating data forms. With PHP, you don’t have to worry about elaborate security features since the language also works well for restricting users of websites to various pages and encrypting data.

That said, here is how to become a skilled PHP developer and make a career.

Develop Your Skills

As stated above, most computer programming and web development careers do not require formal education in the field you want to venture into. Most successful persons in the field of computer engineering do not have formal education in what they do. Examples of such developers such as Steve Jobs from Apple and Bill Gates from Microsoft. However, this is not to say that you do not need to spend time studying what you want to venture into.

Develop Your Skills

There are numerous ways of developing your skills as a PHP developer. You could start by taking online classes on various platforms such as Udemy, Code Academy, or YouTube. This will allow you to develop your skills as a PHP developer. You may also want to incorporate other skills in languages in programming and web development, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Most of these languages work together, and improving your skills will ensure that you are best placed to get a successful career as a PHP developer.

Build A Portfolio

Before starting an effective career as a PHP developer, you need to start on a portfolio with which you can impress prospective employers. A portfolio effectively shows your skills to different employers and indicates that you have all the expertise needed in the field. A portfolio can also serve as your resume for future employment opportunities.

Building a portfolio allows you to practice your skills and become a better developer. You can place your portfolio on a platform such as GitHub and allow prospective employers to evaluate your code and the standard developer you are.

Job Application

The job application phase could be one of the most discouraging processes when becoming a successful PHP developer. However, it is paramount that you apply for the jobs that you’re looking for before you can be reputable enough to have headhunters looking for you. Lucky for you, organizations are always looking for PHP developers. Therefore, looking at job posts on platforms such as LinkedIn will allow you to identify opportunities that you are qualified for.

Job Application

Soft Skills

While being a skilled developer can get you into the interview room, soft skills will ensure you get the job you want. Soft skills illustrate what kind of person you are as a professional and individual. These skills will allow you to stand out from competitors with the same PHP skills as you. Therefore, you should develop soft skills such as teamwork, resilience and grit, and general interpersonal relationships before applying for jobs.

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Last Words

Being a PHP developer can be a very lucrative career path. However, it would help if you were willing to put in the work that will allow you to stand out as a skilled developer, which will, in turn, allow you to have a successful career in 2022. As with numerous technology fields, PHP is constantly changing and developing. Therefore, the career path of a PHP developer is filled with a life-long learning venture. Nonetheless, the rewards are equally extensive. If you want to be a PHP Developer, there is no better time to start than the present.