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In this article, we will discuss the things that we should have to do after getting a new phone. Most of you already have a new phone or want to buy a new smartphone, provides the review about the best phones that you have or you want to buy. Let’s started with 10 essential things that you should have to do with your new smartphone:

1. When you unbox your new phone, press the power button and check out your phone’s battery. Suppose it is below 20% to 30%, then plug your [hone on the charging. If the battery is at 50%, you should also do the same thing. Your phone must have a battery of about 90%, or it should be fully charged.

2. Insert the SIM cards into your new smartphone. Whether dual SIM card insertion or a single card, insert your SIM into your phone and SD card.

3. Now let’s started to set up your phone. When you are on your phone and start to set up, it will ask a few things like area, language, network etc., but the most important thing is your primary Google account. You must have to add your correct Google account to your phone.

4. After adding your Google account to your phone authentication mechanism, it creates a lock password for your phone. It is the most important thing for your phone. Face lock or the finger lock is good but always create a pattern lock or pin lock as a backup security authentication of your phone. Most new phones do not allow the face lock or finger lock without a pattern or pin lock, but you must create a backup security lock properly.

5. Setting up a new device mostly asks during the setup that you want to create a backup. It should create a backup of your data but not at the very start. Just set it as a new device. Then check for an update that either it has a new updated version or not. Then restart your phone.

6. Now you have to open your phone’s setting app. Then tap the system, log in to your Google account, and backup. Now you have to turn on your backup service. All the data, a photo or any document you create on your phone, will be stored on your Google drive. It is imperative because your data will be saved on your phone and in the cloud. It is not enough; you can also sink your data from your old phone through the backup process.

7. If you don’t want to restore all the data, you want to get your important data. For this, you have to download essential apps from the play store.

8. Before installing the apps on your phone, you have to uninstall the Bloatware from your phone.

9. After doing all these basic things, you must download your favorite launcher on your phone. Customize your phone like set the wallpaper, lock screen etc. set up the look and feel of your phone.

10. The last and most important thing about your new phone is that you have to spend time with your phone and explore additional features of your phone. Go to the setting of your phone and check out all the setting facilities provided by your phone. If you don’t know about anything, you can check it out on Google and YouTube. But get to know your phone.

For more updates, review, and new features of your favorite smartphone you can visit After doing all these essential things, start using your phone regularly. One of the last important things about your new phone is must install Google find my device app. If your new phone is lost anywhere, it will help you to track you.

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