How Often Should You Replace Furniture?


Furniture is said to be the vital part of any space because it can uplift the overall aura of the surroundings. It is one of the biggest investments that one makes and, after making the investment , the first question that first arises in one’s mind is , “Will our furniture last for a long time? The answer is probably not. Because the lifespan of any piece of furniture depends upon the quality of the material used in it , its location, and the way in which we use it. 

With wear and tear and damage caused by regular use of the furniture, it’s a must to exchange or replace it. But how will you determine that it is time to repair or replace the furniture? So here is a ready reckoner for you , so that you can easily guess the accurate time to replace or Import Indian Furniture.

When is it Time to Replace the Living Room Furniture?

Living room furniture is the central part of and essential furniture in a home. After a long time of regular use, living room furniture such as sofa sets, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, and entertainment units must be replaced. 

It is time to replace it if the sofa cover is worn and torn to the point where it is uncomfortable to sit on, or if chairs have any broken legs from long-term use.

When to Replace the Bedroom Furniture?

The bedroom is the second prominent place where we spend a long time after a day’s workout in need of getting proper rest, so the furniture in the bedroom, like the bed, mattress, and bedside table, must be replaced if it is needed. 

So, if the bed has begun to creak, you should be placed, and the mattress should be replaced every 5 to 10 years, or if it is not providing adequate back support, you should replace it immediately. 

Modern bedrooms also have a dresser, wardrobes, and smaller furniture such as chairs and nightstands or bedsides. All these pieces of furniture also need to be changed from time to time. They either go out of style or get damaged with regular use.

When to Replace the Dining Room Furniture?

The dining room furniture should also be replaced if the dining table has signs of warping due to moisture and rough usage due to family time, long hours of use, board game play, kid study center, etc.

If the tabletop gets scratched, dented, or discolored from hot utensils, it’s time for a replacement. If we talk about the dining chairs, they are also an essential part of the dining room and dining table, so if their legs are cracked, dented or the seat is damaged, then it is time to replace them.

When to Replace the Other Essential Indoor and Outdoor Furniture:

Other home decor furniture like wardrobes, storage cabinets, kitchen cabinets, shelves, and home office furniture should also be replaced after a long time of use, as no furniture lasts forever. So if you are a little bit confused about when to replace this furniture, here is your guide:

  • If the backrest of the office chair is shaky or one of its legs is broken,
  • If your work table doesn’t have enough storage space,
  • If you experience any type of bodyache while sitting at an office desk and chair,
  • If the alignment of the doors of your wardrobe has changed and you aren’t able to close them,
  • If your mirror or dressing table looks grainy or has a crack,
  • If the shelves or wardrobes are making creaky sounds and do not open and shut easily.
  • If storage cabinets do not have proper space and seem shaky or cracky,
  • If your outdoor furniture starts looking old and becoming unstable, making crackly sounds or having some cracks  then you must shop for a new set of furniture.
  • Finally, if the furniture is made of metal or has metal parts in combination, then it is important to check the wear and tear condition from time to time. If you have kids or pets in your home, then there is a higher chance for furniture pieces to need replacement. So now you know the exact time when you have to replace your furniture 

Where to Replace Furniture in India?

“Suren Space” is the largest handicraft furniture manufacturer, supplier, and exporter based in JODHPUR (INDIA), and has been actively involved in supplying furniture in India and abroad for many years. “SUREN SPACE” is different from the other furniture companies because we put our customers first and don’t suggest a product that is not suitable for them. Our furniture says everything about Indian art, craft, tradition, and culture and gives you an Indian vibe in your surroundings. So, if you are in search of exotic furniture from India, we are here to fulfill all your needs. Whether you are a homeowner or you want to buy furniture for your restaurant, hotel, villa, resort, cafe, bistro, or pub, we are also a Rustic Furniture manufacturer for all types.

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So, through the thorough reading of our guidelines on why to replace the furniture and when to replace the furniture, you can make a wise decision regarding your furniture . Yet if you have any doubt just call us today, we are happy to help you!

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