Storefront Signage

Tips for Choosing the Right Storefront Signage for Your Business

Imagine yourself in a mall looking for new outlets to explore. What makes you step into a particular shop, and what distinguishes it from the rest?

These decisions are made in a subconscious state of mind based on the thing that attracts them the most. An appealing storefront sign helps build a brand identity for your business, which makes consumers choose your brand over others. Storefront signs are also a great way to show your potential customers your business offers. Think of them as a way your business communicates with the buyers, thus making them crucial for the growth of any brand. Businesses report a 10% increase in sales by adding the sign

This article highlights numerous ways to showcase your brand and how you can create a great first impression that spikes interest.

Types of Storefront Signs

Storefront signs come in all shapes and sizes. It is up to you to determine what suits your business best. The needs of a retail center vary in different cases, as shown below:

  • For businesses that aren’t located on main roads, city centers, or avenues, the idea of a pylon installed in busier areas works great to get customers to more silent locations.
  • Creating a banner when your business has a sale or a promotion for a special event brings in more potential clients, as they all love a good bargain. The design and size of banners differ for every business according to their theme. That’s the reason you should consider custom vinyl banners that can fit perfectly for your business.
  • Illuminated signs help grab more attention by standing out among nearby shops. They are also visible from greater distances and can help increase customer flow even in places with less recognition.
  • Awning signs are also a dominant choice, especially amongst food stores and restaurants, as they provide shelter and advertisement.
  • If you are looking for a somewhat retro look for your shop, then a plywood sign is your go-to option, as it provides a compelling vintage look.

Know the Cost

Having cost awareness is vital to having a successful business experience. Always choose a suitable storefront sign while keeping your overall budget in mind to ensure you make the most of it. Signs can be cheap or expensive, so you decide what brings out the best in your store.


Now that you know of various design options for these storefront signage for your retail store, the next step is understanding what materials suit it best. For instance, a metal sign lasts longer than wooden signs, which might not be weather resistant but are a cheaper alternative.

Neon signs, on the other hand, provide more exposure and advertisement at night but are costly to maintain. However, these vary with the needs of your business, so you should choose the material wisely.

Choose the Right Design and Colors

The storefront design of your business should be captivating and to the point. Adding graphical elements to your store’s signs effectively communicates what your business is all about.

The color scheme you choose for your storefront letter signs and background portray a lot about your store. Vibrant colors such as orange and pink are easier to spot and show that your business is exciting and passionate. On the other side, darker colors show a more sophisticated center of interest.

Be Aware of the Size

When it comes to storefront signage, size plays a huge role. The main thing to be noted is whether it is engaging enough to introduce more traffic to your business. This has an easy-to-read sign with more giant letters to increase its visibility as more people can see it from greater distances.

Know Zoning Laws

The laws enforced regarding signs can range from place to place, with every location having different rules for putting up storefront signages. Awareness of these policies can help avoid future inconveniences. Thus checking in with the authorities beforehand is an excellent way to start.

Choosing the Right Sign Makers

Signs of various designs can be ordered online or bought through a local sign maker. So, bearing in mind that you have an idea for your brand’s sign, it is easy to get suitable storefront signage for your business.

However, as we now know the importance of these signs, you should choose a renowned company to cater to all your advertising needs and, most importantly, one that shows interest in their job.

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Now that we have highlighted how essential storefront signage is for any store type, you might have gained a better knowledge of physical advertisements. These signs are instrumental if chosen correctly, and with the abovementioned steps, you better understand what sign you should opt for. Considering all this, we learn their importance for any store and why they should be a prerequisite.