The player as digital twin – how technology is changing soccer

The World Cup in Qatar will be more digital than ever. Soccer is changing: data and artificial intelligence are discovering talent, seeing through opponents and helping coaches. Even sport has become more technologised. As has the access to Woo Casino login.

It is no secret that our world has become more and more infiltrated by technology. It makes our life easier but also more stressful. Access to masses of data has never been that easy. And there are almost no spheres where technology has no foot in the door already.

Soccer players are becoming more and more measured. The data is opening up new opportunities for coaches, players and talent. You can measure anything now. How one plays even if it is a team sport. You can evaluate their shape, the speed of their kicks, anything. This is valuable information for the professional top clubs of the world’s most famous sport: Football.

More and more attention has shifted towards that since the Worldcup will start soon in Qatar.

But what do people actually think about this? Is one player that important in a team sport? Or is it in the end that entire team that can make a difference? Well, it depends on the club. There are high league clubs for example like in Germany, Bayern Munich or BVB Dortmund, who are looking for the best players. This has become quite common all over the world. Fr other clubs that are not playing in such a high league the financial issue prevails.


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The teams are on the pitch, one in blue, the other in red. The whistle blows, the players start running. In the middle: a test person who follows the action on the 360-degree screens all around. She has to keep an eye on two kickers. No easy task, even though the figures are life-size. But they quickly disappear from view, reappear, run around in confusion. Then the picture freezes, the light comes on. Where are they now? It is a real twin of the player in order to measure his values. But not only this, it can also help to improve its playing.

It is a test in the academy of the Bundesliga soccer team TSG Hoffenheim. The young players are being screened in a kind of sports metaverse called Helix, which was built with the help of software giant SAP. Concentration. Reaction or memory performance are measured, recorded and evaluated in simulations.

These evaluations give good insights of each sportsmen attending it. It might even help the clubs and coaches to decide where this player should play. What position will fit him better. So football will become more and more structured and technologised. That is a big bonus to improve the results.

But comparable this technology is not entirely developed. So it is yet about how it really can influence the world’s most popular sport. For sure it won’t hurt the popularity of football around the world. It is just a trend of our time to include technology wherever we go.

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