Range Hood

How to Install A Range Hood Vent

You will find that cooking is more enjoyable and your kitchen is cleaner since you have a range hood vent. You will love the many benefits of this device, and you will want to know how to install it through your ceiling. It not only prevents the accumulation of fat in your kitchen cabinets, but it also expels bad cooking smells. If you have all the tools necessary, installing a range hood vent through your ceiling can be done easily. Do It Yourselfers will need a guide to properly install the hot air venting device. This article will show you how to install a range Hood vent through your ceiling.

How to install a range hood vent?

Test your range hood

You should ensure that you have everything in your box. For replacement parts, contact the manufacturer or distributor. Next, take the hood out of the box and inspect any scratches or dents. The hood could have been damaged on its way to you from the warehouse. You can contact the supplier to request a replacement hood.

Use the plumb line

After marking the four corners and the center of your ceiling range:

  • Connect them with a pencil and straight edge.
  • Align the center of your ceiling mounting bracket with that point you drew.
  • Trace the ceiling bracket using a pencil.
  • Mark the four holes in your ceiling bracket used to drill the screws.

Install your ductwork and reduce the hole

Trace your ductwork to make it easier to cut through your ceiling. You may have trouble making the hole exactly as you want. Do not cut the hole for the ductwork according to the pencil lines you have drawn. Cut a hole that is about one inch larger than your markings. This will make it easier to thread the ductwork into the hole.

Conductive wires should be pulled

Before installing the vent hood, make sure you have enough electricity to power it. Before installing the vent hood, make sure you know exactly where it will be plugged in and have all the extension cords you need.

Install the ceiling bracket

Attach the ceiling bracket to your ceiling using your drill and mounting screw. Pay close attention to the markings made in step 2. To ensure that the ceiling bracket is securely in place, gently tug on it. Four support brackets should be included with your vent hood. Place them in a row along one corner of the ceiling bracket. Look for the holes. To secure them, drill screws through the holes.

Install the upper chimney sleeve

Slide the chimney sleeves up the support brackets until they reach the ceiling’s top. To secure the chimney sleeve to the support brackets, you’ll need to use a screwdriver.

Praline offers two chimneypieces on most of its ducted range hoods. Place the second chimney and attach it to the hood with tape.

Pull your ductwork

Before attaching your range hood, make sure to thread the ductwork through the chimney. This will make it easier to attach the transition piece later in the installation. Mount your range hood. Grab your wires to make it easy to plug the range hood in the next step.

Mount your range hood

It can be very heavy, so get a friend to help you lift the range hood. Attach the transition piece to your range hood before lifting it into place. This will make it much easier to connect your conduit work. The range hood will stay in place with two screws. To check for loose connections or screws, you can gently tug at the range hood. Before installing a range hood, you must learn about which height you must vent a rage hood. If you don’t know then read here.

Take out the tape

Slide the chimney down to your hood by removing the outside and inside the tape. You should completely conceal your vent and any electrical wires. You will have either mesh filters or baffle filters, depending on the type of vent hood. Remove the protective plastic film covering your filters. Next, remove the protective plastic film from your filters. Place the back end at an angle into the hood and slide it up until the filter is flat. Baffle filters should be placed vertically, not horizontally. If the baffle filters are horizontal, place them sideways. This concludes our guide to installing a vent-hood through the ceiling. Here are some common questions from customers regarding installing a vent-hood.


A horizontal vent duct for the range hood in the kitchen will improve air circulation. This is important as it makes cooking in the kitchen more comfortable. Hot air can cause severe burns to your skin and third-degree burns to your skin if it is inhaled. Therefore, you should install the range-hood, under-cabinet range hood, or any other type. DIY will save you money and give you satisfaction. These are the steps to install a range hood vent.