value-based selling

Tips for Offering Value-based Selling to Your Customers

If you are a sales professional, you will think your ultimate job is to sell your products and services. Once you have sold it, your job is done. As a sales executive, it does not necessarily need to be your mission because you can try to offer value-based selling.

It is much more than selling your products and services to your customers. Value-based selling is an approach that aims at offering benefits to your customers throughout their sales journey.

It involves pitching your clients through a consultative manner that potential prospects can make the decision of buying as immediately as possible.

This kind of approach leaves a positive impression on the customer. They feel that they care about their needs and hence helping them throughout the buying decision. If you provide them with the value, they will likely keep buying your products and services down the line.

Whether you want to acquire new customers or retain existing customers, you will have to ensure that you assist your customers throughout the buying journey.

Tips for offering value-based selling to your customers

Here are the tips that you should offer to your customers:

Do your homework

You cannot offer value-based selling to your customers unless you know the needs of your customers. This is why it is recommended to do your homework. You will have to identify your audience needs first otherwise you will never be able to provide them with the best experience.

When you know their needs, you will be able to decide what product they actually need and then you can relate your products with their needs in order to ensure that this is right type of product they should invest in. If you do not know their needs, you will never be able to sell them the right type of product.

It is crucial to identify what kind of problems your users are currently suffering from and then offer them the product or service that actually helps solve their problems. You will have to do extensive research in order to provide value-based selling to your customers.

LinkedIn is the best platform to know what kind of challenges employers and employees are facing in the workplace, so you can provide them with the right solution.

If your client is a company, you can visit their websites and social media pages to know their pain points and then you can decide what kind of products and services they have to offer.

Avoid jumping into sales pitch

One of the biggest mistakes that sales representatives make is that they directly jump into sales pitch. If you do so, your customer will likely think that you just care about selling your product but not about the needs of your users.

Instead of directly jumping into sales pitch, you should try to connect with your customers. In fact, you should have a normal conversation tone to understand their problems and to offer the right type of product and service.

You do not need to a crammed pitch to impress your customers. In fact, it dissuades them. When you have a normal conversation, you will likely pitch your potential prospects in a better way. Even though you have got to know about the needs of your prospect clients, you should avoid jumping into the sales pitch.

Make sure that you connect with your customers by asking questions that help you better explore their needs. You can offer value to your customers by understanding their needs in a better way not by jumping into the sales pitch. You will have to connect with them before you offer them products and services.

Tell your users how your products provide value to them

Sales representatives often talk about features and benefits but they do not talk about the value that their product is likely to offer to their customers. If you want to close the deal quickly and provide your potential prospects with the best value, you need to tell them how your product is going to help them.

For instance, if you have designed a product to improve productivity of your employees, you need to discuss how it helps improve productivity. Note that your potential prospects need evidence. Similarly, if you have a financial company selling the financial products, you should tell your users how they can help overcome their financial problems.

For instance, if you are offering bad credit acceptance loans in Ireland, you should tell the features and benefits but at the same time you should tell them how sensibly they have to borrow money.

Tell them about negative consequences if they borrow money more than their affordability and it is their responsibility of checking their affordability before putting in the loan application.

Focus on teaching

You should focus on teaching instead of selling if you want to provide your users with value-based selling. You should communicate with them as if you are trying to know their needs, so you can offer them the best solution.

You should try to educate them about the product you are offering. For instance, if you have a financial product to offer like everyday loans in Ireland, you should not avoid telling your users about when they should and when they should not use these loan products.

When you educate them about the usage of a particular product, they will likely get the best user experience. Value-added selling is one that helps educate your users.

The bottom line

It is crucial to offer your customers value-based selling if you want them to buy your products and services again and again.

The tips mentioned above can help you provide your users with the best value-added selling to your customers. Identify their needs, establish a conversation, and try to teach them. These tips can surely help you grow your customer base.