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Pack Your Kinnows into Custom Kinnow Packaging Boxes

With the weather turning colder every day a lot is bound to change. Amongst these changes is the variety of fruits available to us. Winters, for those living in the subcontinent, specifically Punjabis, means a constant supply of juicy Kinnows.

The Pakistani Kinnow

Kinnows are a hybrid of two citrus cultivars. They are extremely rich in carbohydrates including glucose, fructose, and sucrose. They make up for the perfect energy boost required in the cold winters. Most fruit lovers enjoy Kinnows on a cold winter day in the company of a warm fireplace. Kinnow is also largely exported from Pakistan to countries such as Russia, Qatar, Oman, and Sri Lanka.

Kinnows available locally have seen a drop in their prices since 2015.  Amongst the citrus fruit production in Pakistan, Kinnow takes lead by being the prime citrus cultivator—making up to 60 percent of the entire citrus production of the country.

What is the perfect ‘A grade’ Kinnow?

Over time the Kinnow fruit has adapted to the climatic condition of Punjab and produces a juicy, high-quality yield in the region. However, recently Kinnows have started being rejected based on poor export quality due to blemishes caused by mishandling. Amongst other reasons these blemishes are caused by poor handling and packaging of the fruit once it is harvested.

Only ‘A grade’ Kinnows can be considered export quality and the ‘A grade’ is classified by the following characteristics: Kinnows with very minor or no blemishes are considered top quality. These blemishes can only be avoided through the perfect Kinnow box.

What are the available options for packaging?

In most cases, Kinnows are packed in wooden boxes instead of proper corrugated packaging. In most of the world except for some exceptions of developed countries such as Russia, and the EU, wooden crates are normally used. These wooden crates used for packaging negatively affect the export quality of Kinnows by causing blemishes due to the rough exterior of the box.

These crates may also be home to pathogens that infect Kinnows and cause imminent damage. Moreover, in comparison to custom kinnow packaging, these boxes use natural wood in high quantities causing deforestation at an alarming rate and being a cause of concern for most developed countries who import kinnows.

According to experts at the Faislabad Agriculture University, custom Kinnow boxes are safer and healthier for Kinnows.  They are also friendlier to the environment in comparison to traditional wooden crates. Moreover, a custom Kinnow packaging adds market value to harvested Kinnows as it improves the standards of the Kinnow and the buyer receives products in representable, top-quality packaging.

Benefits of Corrugated packaging

At RoshPack, corrugated packaging is used. Corrugated packages are characterized by a rigid material shaped by parallel grooves to add strength to the packaging. Top-quality flute laminating machines are employed to create corrugated packaging. With added structural rigidity these boxes also have a cushioning quality to protect products from external pressure.

For Kinnows and custom Kinnow packaging this means minimized blemishes. Just by packaging Kinnows into custom Kinnow packaging, we reduce the post-harvest damage to Kinnows by a great deal and automatically increase the export standards of Kinnows.

Another plus point about customized Kinnow packaging at RoshPack is that it varies in size and a vast range of options are available for buyers. RoshPack uses the latest technology to produce multiple variations of corrugated customized Kinnow boxes. These include multiple-sized box cartons, stock boxes, custom boxes, die cuts, corners, and even partition sheets to keep the product in safe compartments.

Custom Kinnow boxes at Rosh Pack

Corrugated custom Kinnow packaging boxes at RoshPack are like no other. The corrugation process at RoshPack ensures that the best quality paper is sourced from all around the world and that it is used to produce the safest, most high-quality boxes.

The Custom Kinnow Packaging Boxes also go through a tough stage of testing to maintain their quality to make sure that these boxes add eminent value to the product packaged in them.

Quality Testing

These tests include the Bursting Strength Test, Edge Crush Test 2 Single, Water Resistance of the Gluing, Cobb Sizing Tester, Cobb Sizing Tester, and Box Compression Test. These tests make sure that before the packaging is delivered it is up to the mark of RoshPack high-quality standards.

The customized specifications of the Kinnow packaging are also ensured through fifteen quality testing machines imported from across the globe. The quality control department at RoshPack ensures that each box is up to the mark and adds value to the juicy Kinnows harvested in the region.

Choosing the best!

Opting for Kinnow boxes is the wisest decision one can make in the market of exporting or locally selling Kinnows. Custom Kinnow Packaging boxes at RoshPack add value to the product by ensuring that harvested Kinnows remain blemish-free and fresh.