Inflation Pressure For My Tyres
Inflation Pressure For My Tyres

What Should Be The Correct Inflation Pressure For My Tyres?

Tyres are one of the most crucial parts of our vehicles. They are the major deciding factors for our safety on the roads. That’s why when it comes to tyres, we just can’t rule them out. It’s our duty that we take proper care of them for a prolonged vehicle and tyre life. As we talk of tyre maintenance, tyre pressure is the most important thing that we must check regularly. This especially holds when we are going on a long drive somewhere, as nobody would want to be stranded on the roads for any reason related to the tyres. 


Tyre pressure is nothing but the correct amount of air in your Bridgestone tyres Southampton. You must fill your tyres with the exact amount as required. Failing to do so, means risking the life of others, as well as the other passengers on the roads. It has been minutely observed that improperly inflated tyres often become the reason for a blowout on the roads. This can lead to some serious casualties also on the roads. That’s why it’s imperative to understand why tyre pressure is so significant. This blog is going to talk about tyre pressure in detail and the benefits attached to it. 


How to find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle?

The correct tyre pressure is generally mentioned inside of a driver’s door on a sticker. If you don’t find any sticker there, then check your owner’s manual for the same. Ideally, passenger cars require a tyre pressure of 32 to 35 psi (pound per square inch). 


How to check the tyre pressure?

You can either take your car to a garage to get the pressure checked. Alternatively, you can check the pressure yourself at home. For this, you need a tyre gauge, air compressor and pen and paper to note down the readings. To check at home –    

  • The valve needs to be unscrewed and the gauge should be pressed onto the stem of the valve hard. You will hear some hissing sounds. After that, note the reading when the sound disappears. 
  • Take a note of the reading that you see if it matches with the reading recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • The next step requires you to fill the air into the tyres using a compressor. 


What precautions do I need to take while checking the pressure?

  • Make sure that you always check the pressure when they are cold. That means, check tyre pressure the first thing in the morning or when you feel it’s been a while since you inflated them. The reason is, when tyres roll on the road, friction is created between the road and the tyres. This produces heat and in turn, increases the pressure in the tyres. 
  • Be alert that the air in the tyres is not filled to the pressure mentioned on the tyres. That’s because it’s the maximum pressure written over there. This will over-inflate your tyres. 


Perils of overinflation and underinflation

Both over and underinflation are not good for your tyres. If there’s more than the required amount of air in your tyres, then the ride can be very bouncy and you won’t be able to handle your car well. It might even go out of control. 

Underinflation of tyres results in improper wear and tear of Tyres Southampton. That means they may become prone to premature wearing. Most importantly, this can even result in a blowout. A condition that no one wants. The overall performance of the vehicle might get affected adversely. 

Benefits of maintaining tyre pressure

  • Enhanced life of tyres
  • Better gas mileage
  • The excellent grip of your tyres on the roads

Tyre pressure is something very crucial and you shouldn’t take it lightly whatsoever. Make sure that you check it every few weeks.

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