What makes Tesla stand out from other cars

Elon Musk could be seen as the real-life Batman, someone who is super rich and has a brilliant mind. Elon Musk is also the owner of the very famous Tesla automotive and Tesla has proved to be a breakthrough in the automobile industry. Tesla has incorporated Artificial Intelligence or AI into their vehicles, which is one of the factors that makes Tesla stand out from the rest. You can read more about Tesla on a reliable internet connection, such as Xfinity which provides one of the best internet services in the country.

Back to what makes Tesla one of the coolest car companies in the world, here are some amazing things that Tesla can do.

The famous “Autopilot Mode”

Tesla has introduced the highly efficient autopilot mode which allows the car to drive itself entirely on its own. All you have to do is to turn on the autopilot mode and leave the rest to the car, however, since it is not entirely reliable you should still have your hands on the wheel for added safety. The best thing is that the autopilot mode is available in all the models of Tesla and is not specific to just one, super expensive car. The latest models of Tesla are said to have 8 cameras on the outside, a very intuitive computer, and 12 very sensitive sensors that make the car aware of its surroundings.

The interesting “Caraoke” mode

In a recent software update, Tesla introduced a new model for entertainment called the Caraoke mode. In this mode, people in the car can select their favorite music from a plethora of songs and various song lyrics as well. Not only are the songs in English but you can select music from other languages as well. To ensure your safety, the feature does not work as you are driving your car. You must park your car so that you can access this mode. So now you are not just limited to parked car conversations, you can also jam along with your friends when you are parked. So the next time you guys are in a parking lot, that too in a Tesla, make sure you test this mode out and sing your lungs out!

An interactive touchscreen with cool features

All Tesla models also come with a highly interactive touch screen which is capable of doing a lot of things. You can catch the latest traffic updates on the screen and you can even play video games on the screen. The screen is also capable of carrying out general features like other cars such as climate control and general navigation. However, what makes the Tesla touchscreen stand out is that you can run your favorite streaming apps on the screen such as HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Although, you need to have your car parked for this feature to work.

The out-of-the-box “Bioweapon Defense Mode”

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? It is cool! The Model X and the Model Y both come with a hefty and heavy-duty HEPA filtration system that makes sure that toxic chemicals don’t get into your car. Normally you would see these filtration systems in hospitals and the space industry and Tesla is the first company to incorporate this into their cars. The toxic substances that these filtration systems can filter out include bacteria, pollen, and pollution. This is best for people who are sensitive and have allergies easily. The mode was introduced back in 2015 and it has been highly effective ever since it first came out.

Sentry Mode

Feel like going all James Bond with your car? You can achieve that with Tesla. Tesla comes with a Sentry Mode which allows you to figure out who tried to damage your car and when. You can use this mode regardless of wherever you are, the moment your car senses an impact such as someone kicking it, the car will start a recording to show you who tried to damage your car and how. If you have the Tesla App, you will also get an alert on your phone the moment the car experiences an impact.

The Intelligent “Dog Mode”

Now you don’t have to worry as you leave your dog in your car as all Tesla cars come with a default dog mode. The temperature in the car is maintained so that your dog does not heat up, dehydrate or get sick. The car makes sure that your dog is safe. The screen in your car also lets people on the outside know that your dog is safe and doing well and that you will be returning to your car soon enough.

In Conclusion

These are some of the features that make Tesla stand out from the rest of the cars. The car is enough to make you feel like James Bond with all its futuristic modes. So the next time you intend on saving up for a good car, be sure to keep the Tesla cars in mind.