Diesel Fuel

Diesel Fuel Additive Boosts Performance amidst Industry Challenges

Reports of the country’s diesel supply running low are grossly exaggerated. While  America’s diesel supply has been historically low since 2008, claims that the country is on the verge of running out of diesel fuel are not true. In reality, the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown of 2020 caused a decrease in fuel inventory across the country, which in turn has driven up fuel costs.

Diesel efficiency is now an elevated priority thanks to diesel fuel additives. Diesel is a more efficient fuel source since it has better performance and is cleaner thanks to emission control technologies. In addition, diesel has more low-end torque, with diesel fuel containing roughly 15% more energy. Vehicles using diesel can travel up to 35% further on a gallon of fuel than gasoline vehicles.

What Is a Diesel Fuel Additive?

Diesel fuel additives are substances injected alongside fuel to lubricate the engine’s moving parts or clean debris from the engine. Fuel additives improve the vehicle’s overall performance, prolonging the engine’s life. Other benefits of using diesel fuel additives include:

  • Prevents the fuel from corroding or crystallizing in extreme conditions, providing peak performance in any weather.
  • Reduces wear and tear as the additives ensure that components are well-lubricated, which prevents fuel degradation.
  • Reduces dangerous emissions from the engine.
  • Increases fuel efficiency with its ability to increase fuel mileage.

What Diesel Fuel Additives Provide

There’s no doubt that there are various fuel additives in the market. Allegheny Petroleum offers custom blended performance gasoline and diesel additives packages. Our warehouses’ inventories have many components, including:

1. Cold Flow Improvers

Cold flow properties affect the low-temperature operation of any fuel. An additive improves diesel flow in cold weather. In some instances, this technology may enhance vehicle operability by modifying the structure and size of the wax crystals that precipitate at lower temperatures.

2. Cetane Improver

Cetane Improvers provide a convenient and cost-effective way to reduce emissions and improve engine performance. Cetane is a highly flammable chemical compound naturally found in diesel, which serves as an industry-standard measure to evaluate fuel combustion quality.

3. Detergents

Detergents keep clean or clean fuel system parts and help to prevent the build-up of carbon deposits on combustion chamber surfaces, intake valves, and injectors.

4. Lubricity Agents

Lubricity is the measure of friction reduction within the fuel injection system or solid surface in relative motion and agents that increase this measure ensure that ultra-low sulfur diesel will not cause damage to fuel pumps.

5. Stabilizers

Fuel stabilizers extend a fuel’s shelf life by tolerating temperature extremes and reducing varnish and gum build-up. This can help optimize fuel combustibility, increase injector life, and prevent adverse long-term effects such as corrosion and solidification.

6. De-Icers

De-icer additives lower the freezing point temperature of moisture in distillate fuels. These help prevent wax buildup, thaw frozen lines, dissolve ice crystals, remove water, and prevent freezing.

7. Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion inhibitors are very effective at protecting pipeline hardware and reducing threats of leaks. They prevent corrosion damage to the fuel distribution and storage system by neutralizing acids and forming a chemical protective barrier to repel moisture.

8. Demulsifiers

Also known as emulsion breakers, a demulsifier fuel additive is used as a fuel de-hazer to eliminate the water within the fuel or prevent formation of water emulsions.

9. Aromatic Solvents

These are base components suitable for critical ingredients such as defoamers, corrosion demulsifiers, and fouling inhibitors, which combine different molecules into one addictive formulation. In addition, aromatic solvents are used as diluents and solvents in various industrial fields.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Ownership Costs

Diesel Fuel additives provide peak performance in shifting weather conditions, reduce wear and tear, and decrease dangerous environmental emissions.

Allegheny Petroleum manufactures and distributes fuel additives to various industries, including primary metals, manufacturing, automotive, military, metalworking, and private labels. Contact us today to help you find the perfect additive.

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