Who Can Be Held Liable For A Wide-turn Trucking Accident?

Big vehicles like trucks and tractors need more space on the road for making turns. The drivers are expected to be more cautious while operating their vehicles, especially in urban regions with narrow routes with a significant amount of traffic. 

Suppose you are a victim of a crash caused by a truck driver who made a wide turn which resulted in an accident. In that case, you are liable for seeking compensation for the damages caused by the responsible motorist’s negligence. A Los Angeles truck accident attorney can help assess your case and its potential for seeking compensation. 

Factors that help in determining liability for wide turn accident

Negligent conduct by truck drivers is one of the leading causes of wide-turn accidents. Their careless attitude leads to unsafe turns and crashes by the truck. The negligent drivers of the trucks generally cause wide turn accidents for the following reasons. 

  • Failure in use, in turn, signals.
  • Getting in a turning lane fastly.
  • Failure to use windows or mirrors to ensure that the route is clear of any other vehicles
  • Trying to turn right with the vehicle end, which is far from the curb.
  • Leaving space for a vehicle to while trying to turn right 
  • Going back to complete a turn

If the other driver fails to perform turning manoeuvers when trying to pass the vehicle making a white turn on the right side, they will be responsible for the resulting crash. This includes ignoring turn signs and remaining in the far right lane even though the larger vehicle is trying to make a turn from an exterior lane to the roadway. 

In certain instances, the liability of a wide turn accident can be held by the product manufacturer. Suppose the turning vehicle is defective or has broken parts that may have resulted in the accident. In that case, the vehicle manufacturer will be held responsible for covering the damages resulting from the crash. 

If the truck did not have a scientific warning for the other motorists on the road regarding the vehicle’s turning limitations, then the responsible driver or their employee will be held responsible for crashes taking place in such circumstances. 


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It is crucial to know that the driver responsible for causing the wide-end accident may be held liable for the collision, but they may not be responsible for paying the damages out of pocket. It depends entirely on the motorist’s designation and his insurance availability. 

Suppose you suffered an injury due to the negligence of a truck driver who is an employee of a trucking company but has ownership of the truck. In that case, you could seek compensation from the driver’s liability insurance and the company’s insurance policy to compensate for your damages. However, you will be required to prove the negligence of both the driver and the company to recover compensation from both parties. 

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