Winter Tyres
Winter Tyres

A Detailed Guide On Winter Tyres

This blog will help you know why you should invest in winter tyres and everything you need to know about them. If you want to have a safe hassle-free driving experience on the road during winters, you must always opt for winter tyres.

Best time to use Winter tyres

Whenever the weather changes, snowfall covers the road of the UK, and our vehicles start to disbalance and halt, it is never the weather to blame. It is our lack of preparation to hit the road. You must have a piece of comprehensive knowledge about what is the purpose of winter tyre and their advantages. Altogether winter tyres can be a better tyre investment than All-Season Tyres Milton Keynes .

Winter tyres are becoming increasingly popular in the whole UK due to excess snowfall. Many motorists still live in a dilemma of why you winter tyres and their benefits and why should winter tyres be fitted in cars? One part of the truth is that winter tyres are not only designed for snow and ice but also for gripping better on the road surface. They are engineered to be used at temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius.

Winter tyres and grip

The most important thing to know about winter tyres is that they do not have studs to make grip rather they have tread to create traction and grip. These tyres are designed to be used at different temperatures, they have tyre tread that provides them with the perfect amount of traction that is needed to maintain smooth motion of road. And of course, they are considered better than summer tyres because of their structure and design. Winter tyres are also safer than summer tyres when it’s raining because they’re better at eliminating standing water.

Winter tyres are different from summer tyres in a very specific manner. The first thing is the tread pattern. The tread of a winter tyre is closely packed deep spaces with small blocks and these spaces have hundreds of sipes and grooves. These brush-like elements allow the tyres to prevent aquaplaning and disperse standing water. The tread bites into the snow to create traction with the road.

Composition of Winter tyres

Secondly, the winter tyres are composed of natural rubber and mixed with silica material that will provide softness in the tyres to run smoothly. In severely cold temperatures, a summer tyre’s rubber becomes highly stiff, causing it to slide across the road rather than adhere to it.

Finally, winter tyres are rubber tyres are designed to flush out the snow that gets stuck in the deep spaces in the tyre’s tread. A summer tyre meanwhile will get clogged with snow and the tyre will not able able to deliver excellent performance. This can completely affect the overall condition of the tyres.


Many motorists believe it is legally incorrect to drive with winter tyres in summers, but to your knowledge, using winter tyres in summers is legal but due to their structure and the type of material used for making the tyre. It is recommended to use winter tyres in extremely cold seasons only.

There is an alternative of seasonal tyres which are all-season tyres. These tyres allow perfect performance in all types of seasons which means throughout the year. In summers, rainy season, all-season tyres perform the best but when it comes to winter, all-season tyres do not deliver satisfactory performance. The kind of grip winter tyres have, all-season tyres fail to achieve.

Winter Tyres Milton Keynes is considered to be the ideal option. Their structure and manufacturing are done in a way that suits extreme cold weather and snow-covered road surfaces. A four-wheel-drive vehicle with winter tyres would be the ideal option for our winter months. However, our test shows that a two-wheel-drive automobile with winter tyres performs far better in cold weather than a four-wheel-drive vehicle with summer tyres. A set of winter tyres for your current vehicle will also be a lot less expensive than purchasing a new off-road vehicle.

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