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Pest Control In Cambridge for Mice Removal Saves Lives

One of the common household pests is a mouse. Mice may not seem very dangerous when you see them. However, the damage that these pests can cause is substantial. Both homeowners and business owners can encounter a mouse infestation. The solution is pest control in Cambridge from the hands of professionals. Still, some people take on the challenge of getting rid of the mice on their own. People shouldn’t underestimate the mice because of their size. They are a threat to humans. Additionally, the mice infestation can take the lives of people, too. 

How Are Mice Deadly Pests?

Here are three valid reasons that make mice a threat to humans:

Mice Carry Deadly Bacteria and Viruses:

It is better to avoid coming in contact with a live or dead mouse. You shouldn’t even come close to their droppings or urine. The mice carry various bacteria and viruses to harm us. Here is why you shouldn’t coming in contact with the dead or alive mice, their urine, or droppings:


Lepostiris disseminates if you come in contact with the mice’s urine. Consequently, you can suffer liver damage or kidney failure.


Salmonellosis spreads via food or water consumption, contaminated with rodent feces


Tularemia transmits through mouse bites or scratches. As a result, victims can suffer from severe favour. It is a dangerous fever, especially for children and older adults.

Electrical Fire Hazard:

You may already know that the mice gnaw on different materials. One of the materials that the mice gnaw on is metal wiring. The mice can easily find their way into walls, attics, and basements. Additionally, they will chew on wiring for heating, air conditioning, water heater, stereo equipment, and other machinery. These damages are costly for homeowners and result in an electrical fire at times. 

One of the reasons behind home electrical fires in Cambridge is the mice. The mice have no problem gnawing on things, such as electrical wires to cause electrical fire hazards. As a result, a certain percentage of people die every year. The chances of electrical fire hazards are more in Cambridge with a severe mice infestation. You need professional pest control in Cambridge for mice removal to save lives alongside your property.  

Parasites’ Carriers:

Moreover, mice are common carriers of jeopardous parasites. They can carry mites, fleas, and ticks with them. A bite from these parasites leads to painful and deadly health problems. Here are deadly health problems that you may face with mice with parasites:

Bubonic Plague:

Rodent fleas transmit it and result in skin lesions, fever, and even death. 

Lyme Disease:

Ticks transmit this disease, and mice with ticks are dangerous for this reason. This disease can cause fever, skin lesions, headaches, and joint pain. A hundred thousand people encounter this disease yearly, and it is a deadly disease.


This disease comes from mites, and it can cause lesions, fever, and headaches.


Fleas spread this disease, and it leads to severe respiratory problems. 

Why Is Mice Control Important for People in Cambridge?

It is important for people in Cambridge because mice are the reason behind deadly diseases in humans. The mice may not seem a big threat to some humans, but they are, in reality. They are more dangerous for children and the elderly in homes. Besides, the mice are a threat to your property irrespective of their size. You will not want to risk the lives of people in your family and suffer property damage. Getting rid of the mice should remain a priority to homeowners and also business owners. Professionals are the ideal people for mice removal; thus, business owners and homeowners should contact them for mice eradication.


The mice may seem cute pests when you see them, but they are deadly, in reality. The mice are a threat to homeowners and business owners because mice infestation can take lives. Here are three reasons why you should get rid of the mice from your property once you notice a mice infestation:

  1. The mice carry deadly bacteria and viruses; thus, they are dangerous.
  2. By the same token, mice can cause electrical fire hazards in homes which may result in death.
  3. The mice are dangerous parasites’ carriers that transmit deadly diseases and kill humans.

Professional pest control in Cambridge for mice removal is the ideal solution to deal with a mice infestation successfully. Lastly, mice are dangerous pests; thus, you should never take a mice infestation lightly in Cambridge.

If you have pests or unwanted animals on your property, you should feel free to contact Pesticon (, a pest control company, an expert at pest and animal control in Toronto, Kitchener, Cambridge, and Guelph.

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