Rolling Tray

Reasons To Use a Rolling Tray

Many people prefer to smoke joints or blunts when consuming cannabis. Besides being convenient and easy to handle, rolling weed is also an affordable and quick way to smoke. Joints make parties and gatherings great because they are fun to share in groups.

According to your needs, you can roll them as thin, as thick, as long, or as short as you like. It also makes it simpler to control how smooth your hit is and how much weed you take in. You must have a clean, flat surface to roll the blunt or joint. That’s where a rolling tray can come to your rescue. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of crushing and rolling, try CBD oil uk here.

This article will cover essential details about rolling trays and reasons to use them because it makes a big difference!

Rolling Trays – What Are They?


A rolling tray is an essential tool for those who roll their herbs. Adding a rolling tray to your shopping cart is the best way to save time and effort. Although they are a pretty simple concept, they have revolutionized smoking.

According to Kandj Market Research, the global rolling tray market has steadily risen over the last few years. However, the pandemic significantly affected the market in 2020.

The smooth, flat surface on rolling trays makes rolling simple, clean, and effortless while preventing spillage, keeping your product in place, and preventing potential messes. Both beginners and seasoned pros can enjoy smooth and hassle-free rolling with it.

Reasons To Use Rolling Trays

Reason tray

Rolling trays can be helpful in several ways. It is a simple decision for any stoner to own a rolling tray, as it helps them roll the right blunt or joint. The significant benefits include:

Preventing the Spread of Weed  

Weed comes at a steep price. The last thing we want to do is spill it across the floor while meticulously trying to salvage it all.

By using a rolling tray, which has several rooms, you can avoid this catastrophe from happening.

Providing a Smoother Rolling Experience 

Making blunts and joints becomes more effortless when you use a rolling tray. One of the first reasons is that it makes rolling exponentially easier.

You can collect all the weed at the center of the tray. And you can also get it on top of the paper or blunt wrap.

This makes rolling a blunt or cleanly wrapped joint much easier since you can easily maneuver the paper.

Suits Your Specific Needs

It would help if you had a clear sense of your rolling needs before searching for a rolling tray. You can assess your needs by answering these questions:

  • How ample is your workspace?

A large piece would provide more storage in a large workspace and serve as a decorative element. A smaller tray can serve your purpose better if you have a small space or plan to take it on a trip.

  • What is your roll size?

A tray with more storage features is ideal if you keep a stockpile of accessories with you all the time. Floating trays may have holes that allow you to roll and store items upright.

  • How much are you willing to spend?

Cheap rolling trays will do the trick if you’re on a budget. If you’re looking to spend more, you might consider all-glass rolling trays from top brands.

Types of Rolling Trays

Tray Types

There are various types of Rolling Trays. We can categorize them according to the materials used to manufacture them. And if you are looking to know how to make a rolling tray, there are DIY rolling tray ideas you can try.

There are four main types of rolling trays, including:

  1. Metal Rolling Trays
  2. Wooden Rolling Trays
  3. Plastic Rolling Trays
  4. Glass Rolling Trays

Metal Rolling Trays

Most times, metal trays are a cost-effective option that lasts long. They make them from metal sheets, as their name suggests. You can find them in various size or design that suits your preferences. Despite their less fancy appearance, they are highly functional and can be fun collector’s items.

Wooden Trays

The designs and artworks on these are usually more colorful. The details and features of these items are elaborate and made of planed wood. Because of the intricate formation of wooden trays and their utility, it is not unusual for them to cost a little more than plastic or metal trays.

Plastic Rolling Trays

Plastic trays are a reliable, cost-effective, all-purpose option. They make the pieces from plastic. Therefore, they won’t last as long as metal or wood pieces, but they still work well.

Glass Rolling Trays

Although glass pieces are not all alike, you can find some of the most incredibly thick and durable options that can make a big impression on your guests and last. Various glass trays are available, but they may pose a more significant mobility challenge than metal or plastic trays.

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Final thoughts

Rolling trays are an essential accessory for everyone who enjoys cannabis. It can make your joint rolling experience incredibly easy and fun. Moreso, it saves your precious strains from spreading or wasting. However, ensure to scale the benefits and your individual needs before purchasing one.