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What you have to pay attention to with a pedal car

The age recommendation for the child

Before buying, always pay attention to the age specified by the manufacturer.  best hoverboard battery Some manufacturers and brands, such as Big and Kettler, do not give exact information, as the developments of the children are always different.

However, one thing is certain: A pedal car for small children under the age of six is much easier to move around than a pedal car for children from the age of six. For toddlers, a mountain buddy or a bobby car is more suitable. In addition, the low weight of a pedal car is very important so that the kids can move it.

A small, further help: If the pedal vehicle has an adjustable seat, the model is even suitable for children under the age of six, as even small children can get to the pedals with an adjustable seat. It is best if you choose the right children’s car yourself with your child.

The tires of a pedal car

The tires should always have a good grip on a pedal car. Especially if you buy an old pedal car, it can happen that the tires no longer have the desired grip. It is much harder to drive uphill with bad tires or in rather stony terrain.

Therefore, it is important that the children’s cars best have high-quality pneumatic tires, with which the children can drive comfortably on all surfaces. In addition, pneumatic tires are much quieter, so that even the ears are spared. Unfortunately, pedal cars with pneumatic tires have a significantly higher price, which discourages some parents from buying the vehicles.

However, with a pedal car or even a truck, it is not exactly conducive to owning plastic tires. With plastic tires, children have significantly less support than with higher-quality pneumatic tires. But you should also take a closer look at the size of the tires.

Tip: Pedal cars with small tires at the front have a significantly lower turning circle. If the pedal car has tires of the same size, they also offer the children a high level of stability.

There are only a few criteria that you need to consider when starting to buy a pedal car for your children. The design and size are not immediately significant. However, it is worth buying a toy that makes the children’s eyes shine when handed over. The many cool designs make this a real breeze:

Pedal car fire brigade

Pedal car truck

Pedal car with flowers

Pedal car nostalgia

Pedal cars for adults and children

Some adults are awakened by the sight of the pedal cars and the fun their children have with them to just try it out. But can adults also drive their children’s pedal cars? Of course, this is possible in principle. However, this depends on the maximum weight allowed and the respective size of the model. The manufacturer Kettcar offers particularly stable models with its mountain models. With these pedal cars, you can also drive as an adult from time to time.

Hint: Some pedal car models have a weight restriction. It may happen that you break the pedal car during use, or you can no longer drive it at all. The manufacturers have adhered to the age information not only to the abilities of the child but also to the weight.

However, if you feel more fun, you can build a pedal car yourself. However, it is important that a high degree of security is available. In addition, you should keep in mind that it must be stable, so that self-construction is not advisable in this case. It is far too difficult to comply with the safety conditions.

Questions and answers about pedal cars

Which manufacturers are there?

In order to be able to find a suitable pedal car, many manufacturers offer a wide variety of models. Everyone brings their advantages and is responsible for children in all age groups.

Baghera Puky Big Falk Rolly Toys Berg Toys (Berg Buddy) TT Toys Toys Dino Cars Great Gizmos

Which pedal car is the right one?

Which pedal car is right for your child depends on the age of the child. The best pedal car for your child can be determined based on the above purchase criteria and safety.

How long have pedal cars been around?

As early as 1853, the first pedal cars were presented in New York. In Germany, the little companions for your children have only been around since 1900. Especially with the pedal cars from Kettler, there are now even tournaments and other events for which children and young people up to the age of 12 prepare.

Is there already a test by Stiftung Warentest?

So far, Stiftung Warentest has not carried out a direct pedal car test. Maybe soon the purchase of a children’s bike is more likely? Then the Stiftung Warentest can finally help and offer a detailed test. Unfortunately, we do not have a pedal car test winner ready for you.

Pedal car classic car

If you have a real pedal car classic car in the garage, then you may be able to make good money with it. There are real collectibles among the old cars. Especially pedal cars made of sheet metal are in demand. A rare pedal car made of sheet metal can cost several thousand euros in good condition.